Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a dream last night. About killing vampires. How the leader of an organization that hunts and kills the vampires was a fake of the original, a vampire himself. A shapeshifter that took on the body of the head of the organization. Someone from another organisation discovered that fact and pointed it out at a meeting with other people in attendance. The fake was killed on the spot.

An imitation of an imitation.

This must be due to watching Hellsing Ultimate and 21st Century Boys.

Did I ever mention how much I just love Hellsing Ultimate? Great style, great animation, gore, action, good story, and best of all? There's always more in each episode. Though episode 4 was a bit of a slow thing, not as much gore. The appearance of young Walter was a surprise. I like Hellsing's occasionally interesting verbal responses. The voice is like... wow. I don't know but it's just fitting for him. Leather looks so good on him.

I'll post a review on Hellsing Ultimate sometime I guess. Wonderfully wonderful. Can't get enough of it. Salivating in anticipation of subbing for the 5th episode.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SSSC 2009

Winner is Alex's Team! Congrats!

Hoping they'll do a good job. >_<;;

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SSSC Election!

Vote for the gurlllllllllllzzzz!!!!!!!!

I'm supporting Edina! I think her team is overall having better capabilities~!

Go Edina! For more Info on the event, go to

Monday, November 3, 2008

OHOHOHOHOHO!!! Btw, Happy Halloween too.

Anyways, I was hacked, as quite a few of you know, either first hand, second hand or third hand. Or maybe some of you who read my blog and have nothing else better to do than talk about me, despite not even talking to me. O Yes. Some of you 'visitors' to my blog do that and you very well know who you are. Nevermind, it's a blog, you're free to read it, and I'm more than happy to not make it private either. ;D

Life is complicated enough really, and even if you want to cause problems, you don't matter because in the wheel of life, you're just a piecemeal part of it. Get over it, everyone dies anyways. I'd think back on things that happened in university like I did highschool and laugh about it, because if one thinks about it, quite a number of them are rather silly from current perspective.

I'm just going to treasure the people who mean the most to me and whom I mean the most to, keep the happy moments and memories and be happy I'm alive to enjoy those wonderful moments.

Can't please everyone anyways.

Like the hacker. Well, whoever it is, and I do suspect it could be a certain......'asshole' who does keylogging and other stuff, yes Mr. Wee I mean you. But then, I do hope he's not so childish to go as far as that, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Some people said that it's the price I pay for being famous or popular (their words not mine). Some have said it could be stalkers, which is a possibility because I did get a sms recently from I-have-no-idea-who, and also msn message as well from some guy who's so lame, to claim that "I look a bit like Andy Lau from the nose up."

I wish people can just spare me the mental torture when I hear or read something like that.

Andy Lau.


Oh lordy, why do I always come across or encounter all the weirdos?

Anyways, just posting this first. I wanted to update with a lot of stuff, like wow, so much really, but then a lot of other things happened, not the least being assignments. Having 3 group assignments can be a real pain. So many pictures too.

Actually, can be said that despite this incident, I can say a lot of good stuff happened in a way. ^_______^;;

I was offered to go to Melbourne for a holiday by close family friend, flight paid and stuff, but since I'm going KL end of this year, it'll probably be next year or something. But still wow!!! Was quite surprised with the call too!!! <3

Another friend of mine is chia-ing me and another friend to sushi buffet for helping in a video project~!! Originally was at Crowne Plaza but then said it's too much hassle, one has to book, it's only limited to 2 hours and it's more expensive, so we're eating elsewhere. :)

I feel very lucky sometimes, and my friends are so sweet really~~~ I even got in touch with an old friend,a princess??? I can't remember but she was a great sporting pal back in primary and she's part of the Brunei Royal family or something. She and I used to love racing each other and competing with the guys during P.E. In fact she was the one who got in touch with me, didn't recognize the name she was using, lol. ^_^;; I'm more surprised she remembered me so well after all that time, what least to say some others who've gotten in touch with me.

.-. I get the odd feeling at times that people are unintentionally getting me fat. >_<;;

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, had this around in drafts so finally decided to post it up. Tagged by Azie >.>;


This tag is specifically created to screw you up. When you are tagged, you must answer the tag and reply to what the question says, any illogical answers is not accepted and you cannot refuse to answer a reply with non specific answer i.e. "none" or "I don't know" or "cannot" or any other variations of them are not allowed.

Let's start!!!

1. If you would have to engage in sexual acts with a celebrity of the same sex, who would it be?

Jessica Alba! She is just so hawt I tell ya~ >3

2. If you were asked to strip naked then be covered in a certain material for a photoshoot, what will it be? (note: clothing or any other variations is not acceptable, however cloth is)

uhmm......never really thought about this before. Chocolate Pieces! Dark Chocolate preferably. :p

3. If you and your husband/wife/ life partner are bound up and are soon to be raped by a rapist, would you sacrifice your spouse? (note: only one can be saved)

Lulz, at least husband wouldn't get preggers. XD I'll provide counselling later, don't worry~ *ish evil*

4. Well, you are in New York city, ala Entourage or sex and the City, which would you pursue? Labels or Love? and why?

Uhm, I've never watched Sex and the City, but I'd go for Labels?

5. Name your favourite American Idol 7 finalist.

Seriously, I can't answer this because I don't have a favourite n mainly cuz I don't watch American Idol.

6. The Deserted Island question: Who would you bring?

Johnny Depp!! Cuz he's just cool and funny~

7. Name one crazy thing you have done.

I didn't do this on purpose. I ran into a wall and ended up with a split and bruised lip. D:
Dunno if it fits the category...

8. To make things a little easier, future honeymoon destination?

Hm.....Italy? The food would be wonderful at least. XD;

9. If you have superpowers, what would it be?

The ability to be young and invulnerable. Or have nice pretty feathery wings that actually allow me to fly.

10. You get drunk, have sex with someone and when you woke up, that someone is next to you, who is that someone?

Legolas. Not Orlando Bloom. But Legolas the Elf. XDDDDD

Or maybe Takeshi Kaneshiro? XD he's like, so hawt~ :3

11. Name a classmate that you seriously hate on your high school senior year.

I...actually don't have a classmate that I seriously hate. My classmates were really sweet in general~ XD

12. A position you would want to have in high school but can't achieve?

SUPREME OVERLORD!!!! Wuahahahaha!
Joking, being a prefect? I could have achieved that if I'd decided to be a teacher's pet.
I think, being able to be the smartest kid in school without having to really study my brains out (photographic memory~ plz). School's over for me anyways. :/

13. Name a classmate that you would want to join you in your current university as your classmate.

Pei-chan!!!!! or Tim-chan!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

14. Name a person you know you love but never truly appreciate.

My family... >.>

15. If given the chance to fully restore and revive someone from the dead, who would it be?

One of my dad's best buddies, a family friend who died in a car crash years back.

16. If your life were a game, what would it be?

A kickass heroine or main character than can hold her own. Maybe Lightning from Final Fantasy 13? I was kinda thinking of Kid from Chrono Cross tho. Why not put animation, instead of game!??

17. Do you support gay marriages?

Hoi, homosexuality occurs in nature and animals. If it occurs in humans, it's just natural la. If they wanna marry let them marry la, I'm not God to judge them. If they're happy, why not? Asides from that, what prevents them from being great, caring and loving citizens? Better than criminals who kill people. ;)

18. Do you prefer expensive, branded items or inferior, cheap items?

As long as it's good, but preferably branded. why? reliable and better quality. Not that I can really afford them tho. :/

19. If your life were a TV show, what would it be like?

Tv? What's TV? Lol, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I suppose would be interesting.

20. Last minute people for a project?

Anyone I know who's willing to be subjected to my evilness. :D


Won't be tagging anyone since I'm not into this tag stuff really. :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was quite happy the other day.

I got my old desktop computer back after like what, FIVE MONTHS from a certain Mr. Wee Swee Hian, otherwise known as Mika^ or Kiam. Like wut, he said he asked whether he could keep it longer, like uhhh uhhhhhhh ok....
But seriously, for crying out loud, five months??? Were you thinking I'd forget it or something?

Well, he was miffed about my criticism of a poorly photoshopped camwhored picture of himself, which he posts to ask for comments, then later specifically states he doesn't want my opinion and doesn't want to listen to me, so I don't talk to him, after which, he starts acting like some righteous ass, and being an egoistic, arrogant bastard, because I wasn't talking to him and he like missed the attention or something-I-don't-know-wtf-it-is, so started playing so-called 'mind games' to 'test' my reactions. Yeah, like that's a control experiment. And yes, he actually said he did that to 'test my reactions and learn from them' and whatever other mind games he plays on friends. F*ck, you don't play mind games on friends, what the hell is wrong with you???

Anyways, so I just quit the sams channel, because he was hounding me and being a total asshole in there, when the whole camwhore incident occurred in a PRIVATE channel. And he even brought up the issue in the Swinburne Student Forum, aka, the SSSC FORUM. Seriously, WTF? Yeahhhh~~~~~ he loves to make public things that happen on a private chan and bring it to a public one. yea~ so he can start acting like some innocent(yea right!)~ And he was the one who says to keep whatever's said there private. *rolls eyes* You can keep your 'janaiyo' chan or whatever, and I'll keep mum about the things you said, but I ain't listening to anymore of your vitriol and whining to everyone about snowfish. I'm not defending her but like,

It's sickening just listening to you whine about her all the time and the lengths you goes to.

SO, you wanted to apologize to me, yea? Why didn't you do that BEFORE I actually just asked for my computer back with help through a 3rd person? (And he didn't even want to pass it to the friend, cuz he's got trust issues it seems) No, because obviously you're not a sincere person who really wants to apologize, because people who've actually apologized to me before when I was annoyed with them actually went and LOOKED for me on their own, or called me on their own initiative to apologize. Heck, even I've done that, so what does that say about you?

He saw me a few times, he could have come up to me and apologized and actually looked for me. But apparently he can't even do that. HE IS SUCH A BLOODY COWARD. AND he still was being a total asshole and acting all innocent 'hey i didn't do anything wrong', like hell you didn't. You want to apologize, be sincere about it and actually show you're sincere. You don't bloody give me that asshole attitude of yours. And don't pretend not to know what you did wrong, because you sure as heck do.

Really, he's become weirder and weirder, and different from when I first knew him as just 'tupai', I don't even want to see his friggin face. Maybe it's just his 'other side' coming out. Offline he may seem nice and is quiet, but online, he loves to talk crap and be an asshole, maybe cause he thinks he can get away with being an asshole online.

So if I never asked for my computer back and my book, you were like never going to return it to me? Mr.I-have-a-new-laptop didn't even want to return my computer when it's such a simple thing to do?

I have every right to ask that something that belongs to me, gets returned to me, regardless of whether we're friends or not. If it's proof you want to apologize and be friends with me again, you wouldn't have hesitated to return it, heck I would not even HAVE to ask for it, MULTIPLE TIMES. And when someone reminds you I want MY computer back, you go and continue being an asshole with "who was that?" when you obviously know WHO IS THAT, when I went to the trouble to ask for my belongings back POLITELY. APOLOGY MY ASS, YOU'RE JUST A COLD HEARTLESS MANIPULATING PARANOID BASTARD.

Supposedly you said I was like a sis to you. yeah right. and this is how you are? seriously dude, were you like the little kid that was bullied in the sandbox when you were young and your attitude now is an effect of that?

Well, sorry about this post and bad language, but I really must get this off my chest. aka, it's a rant. ^-^' Don't change your opinion of him, just cause of me. If you think he's an asshole that's your thoughts, that's something you form on your own. I just don't want anything to do with a person like this. If that's the way he wants to be, fine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Oooo~ Lookie what I found when arranging my discs~

Lol, a picture of me from back in 2002.

Ah, makes me feel so nolstagic. ~_~

*A* I was so much more fit back then too, uweh~

Thursday, September 18, 2008








I was reading a manga a friend of mine recommended.

After reading a few chapters, I cried.

Yuu Watase, you're a genius.
I forgive you for the sappiness you wrought with Fushigi Yugi.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Art, Sports and Movies!

I finally got Corel Painter! So Lance, here's that drawing I did @ The Spring the other time. It's not complete as I haven't touched it asides from converting the .riff file format to .jpeg so I can show it to ya all! The other time during the exhibition the other day, some of you should know what I'm talking about, like I went to try out the WACOM Bamboo. Actually my intention was to go and check out the prices over there because a friend asked where where to buy it. That was the only place I know sold it, but apparently there's more at Tun Jugah, which is cheaper.

That was the only place I know sold it, but apparently there's more like at Tun Jugah, which is cheaper. But anyways at that time that was the only one I knew sold it and while waiting for my friend to come around, well I didn't need to wait, but I went to try it out, it was quite nice! Took me a short while getting used to the Corel Painter software and the different shortcut keys for Apple. My butt was practically glued to the seat there for a few hours!! Btw, you can order other WACOM stuff through switch if you're interested and don't mind their prices which is the pretty standard price. They sell WACOM Bamboo for RM399.

And the Multi Purpose Hall at Swinburne will finally be open for use by the students soon~ woot! Time to get back into shape!!! :) This is what I've been waiting for! Badminton FTW~

The Japanese Language Club had a Movie Night recently, it was quite a success! Lol, a lot of people were freaked out by the gore in The Machine Girl in the beginning but I think we all got immune to it later and laughed a lot throughout! It was rather entertaining! Too bad we had some technical difficulties in the beginning and couldn't show all of Zatoichi, so we'll prolly be having another Movie Night some time soon!:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SHIAWASE~~~~~~~ :)


Happy yesterday! For several reasons! XD


oh! lots of assignments piling up! needz to do them! apologies for lack of updates, lots i wanna updates, but juggling club activities & committee commitments, projects, normal assignments and design stuff ain't easy. >.>;

anyways, nothing bad so far! :)

And I sold a picture for the first time! (The charity fair is different)

XD My first customer is so cute~ lolz, doing a 2nd one for same person as well and another one for different person. XD

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cute Adorable Mug!

Hi everyone!!!

I was introduced to this cute little site by Azie~

XD I wanna be lucky! not just feel lucky!

Anyways, Giselle Jaguenod is having a Second Giveaway for her cute and very adorable mugs with her own designs on them. ^_^ She has her own Deviantart Store as well. her designs really are cute! Everyone has a chance to win one of her mugs, to find out how, just go to her website here.

Below is my favourite mug! I wanted the first one shown in her page, since I love f, and it's sort of coffee related, but the owls' eyes are kinda creepy, lolz. XD this is cuter! anyways i do like tea as well :)

Mug~~~~~~ <3 <3 <3 ^-^ hope i'm lucky! XD

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Deadline soon.....

spending mah time designing. ~__~;;

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Things Happen, Life Goes On.

There are times in my life when I just feel so tired and sick of everything, of everyone, of the world.

This is one of those times.

I'd been happy lately. My results were fine, 1HD, D, C and a P. same as last semester. I didn't fail Marketing Planning and I thank dear Bunnie and Intel for their help and support, and also to videl who supported me during that trying time. Also thanks go to a few of my classmates like Fera, who was there for me to talk to even though I didn't even know her name at all when I first spoke to her, when I first got all teary-eyed, after the upsetting announcement over the 1st assignment. But I got through it. Thankfully. It's thanks to them I can look forward happily to my next semester.

A lot of things happened since I last posted. Like my birthday in May, my parents bought the usual cake, but I couldn't even eat it till 3 days later, and I only ate a bit, because I was stressing out over the 2nd assignment, the 1st being craptastically blown, assumedly. Some of the people from SAMs gave me 2 Keroro kits as my birthday present which was really sweet of them. It was even wrapped in bunny printed wrapping paper. I also got some wishes from old friends and my college friends. Bunnie gave me a teddy bear, it was in this nice box, I really liked it. It's gone to join my other stuffed toy bears, bunnies and doggy which many dear darling friends have given to me over the span of my life till now. I also kind of realise that our birthdays were like binary, one realises it when you look at the numbers for our birthday dates. I was too stressed that time but I spotted a pendant I thought she'd like and got it for her; which I thought wasn't enough so I drew her a birthday card with 10-year old Lambo and adult Lambo on it. Lambo~<3>

Just recently someone gave me a belated birthday present, a figurine of Mwu La Fraaga from Gundam Seed. O.o;; thanks!

Exams came and went, the results are up, after which well...heh. relax...

But I ended up taking the Elective Plus subject "Multimedia Applications" which was available for the winter sem so I'm taking classes everyday mon-friday until the 1st august, which is exam day. It's alright so far, got to know a few ppl, and one...who kind of scares me in a way. >.> Half of the class are students from the Australian campus.

There was a BBQ the other day, had some fun, and it was really nice sitting there on the ground BBQ-ing the food and eating it right off it. I love the marshmallows, Thanks lots to the host for the beer as well. XD

Went for some yamcha sessions, esp with Akiyame members. Yen is so cute! She's such a cute huggable chibi, like a big teddybear~ XD lots of fun, Eichi and Brennan being back and all that. Had badminton session the other day with AJ, Brennan and Gary, it was loads fun, though I felt a bit like a bully. >.> Brennan kept going "It's the Curse of Haruhi!" lol. Sorry if I was a bit of a bully guys, haha I did ask tho, and then I got all lazy, which is usually the case so I played like crap. :p

And then there was the Artjam! XD it was fun! Everyone had such nice and lovely art to show each other, and so far I have received 3 submissions, which is just wonderful really. I have been doing some catching up on y drawing as well....and drawing new stuff.... >.>;;; uh, i kind know how that goes so ahaha...too much to draw.

And Robert has been kind enough to lend me his Nintendo DS 'indefinitely' as he doesn't use it anymore really. I traded some mash in with him, I was a bit afraid it'd go bad anyways, since mostly only me and my dad was eating it...and....there's a lot. The problem mainly was the gravy, but anyways I thought it was a rather fair trade. The food poisoning incident I had over some bad gravy kinda also spoiled the idea of it in a way as well.

And! oh! the RWMF 2009! I didn't go this year, the ticket prices just keep getting more and more expensive. But, it was notable for me, because two of my t-shirt designs were selected and I received a RM400 cheque for it from Craft hub! a few friends told me they saw my pic and all that, lol, but it was cool. >.> I saw one of my Aussie classmates wearing one of the t-shirts.... lol, din tell him i designed it, kinda paiseh, ahaha... too bad they didn't give me the t-shirts and tickets to RWMF, but that's fine. I'm just happy I actually had my designs chosen.

A few days before that, I was spending some awesome quality time and having fun with my best friend and her Aussie boyfriend at Village House, oh, it's really such a nice place! The Rooms you stay at is really nice and the washroom/Toilet is so nicely designed, simple, and very clean. I really love the bathroom, I know, it's a weird thing to be talking about but I wish my bathroom was designed like that. The seaside air is really really nice and cooling. The beach that was nearby wasn't too good though. Daytime we were up and around biking, taking early swims, relaxing our asses off. And testing the waterproof Olympus camera on some lolis. Lol, which reminds me I need to send pictures to them. The swimming pool was also very nice, along with the Wifi availability, and wonderful cosy room with a great big plasma tv, bean bags(!!!), books...there was even a very nice chess set and scrabble board! Most nights we were on the net, watching tv or laptops, playing games, and playing scrabble, lol. And then there's the alcohol. My friend got kind of high on the Long Island Tea, which wasn't too bad there. Food and drink prices aren't cheap though, if you spend there. And there's not much for eats outside, so that was the major drawback. The food can be improved, because what was being paid for it didn't feel so worth it; quality varied was a hit and go thing. And it was also when....that I got addicted to Elite Beat Agents. ._.

It was rather fun and sometimes kind of frustrating in the beginning cuz I kept losing to the boyfriend and i kinda felt like kicking him many times, but heh I got better. >3 So yeah, that's also why I actually wanted to borrow a DS....just so I could play EBA and Ouendan. ._. now I'm somewhat addicted to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate. Level 58 now only tho... I also now have a bikini! XD but it's kinda cheap, so the quality isn't there. :x not like I go to the beach or swim much. >.>

Haha, lots of things happened really, I don't think I even talked about all of them yet. But that kinds sums quite a bit up.

And then there's that. I don't really want to talk about it, because it's not something I really want to talk about. It just makes me tired. I've always been a chatty person I guess, rather much an extroverted person. I guess it's part of my tomboy nature. It conflicts I suppose. I suppose I've gotten more skirts, or dresses and things like that, buying the occasional makeup things or whatever most normal girls put on their faces or body in an effort to make themselves look prettier. I still love tank tops, spaghetti straps and turtlenecks. Such freedom in the spaghetti, haha, I can't believe I just said that. I know I've gained weight, since I no longer do those ECA almost everyday like I did in my old school. I can't wait until the multi-purpose hall opens up.

Anyways, lots of stuff to do so ciao!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life in General.

Well so far I haven't totally messed up any of my other subjects. Yesterdays design website presentation went well, the lecturer approved almost immediately, yay~ >_<;;
I forgot to include the linked images and had to improvise elsewhere to show the example properly. I pray my hardest for the minor assignment in my marketing planning and hope for the best for the major and that I can finish way ahead of time. I am working my utmost best. There is an assignment due practically every week or some form of presentation, in the weeks ahead of me, which is making things tougher. One of my group members didn't show up for discussion today or the tutorial for the respective subject as well... ;_;
Apparently was still sleeping and we woke her up when we called. D:
The AUQA meeting the other day, which made me miss part of my design tute(which was ok since that was alright), was ok, yay, free lunch! Mainly it was the person asking a whole bunch of us sitting around a round table, and he asked us question, opinions and stuff like that one by one. >_<

Let us lOl with the menu. XD

Nerd to Mika: "I have the hots for you."
Mika: "O'rly? *giggles*"
Big Apple Donuts

Was one of the first 100 customers at Big Apple Donuts. :O Waited for around 2 hours! The donuts were disappointingly smaller than I expected. And only a few were good like Chocoholic and that cappucino-chocolate mix a few others weren't all too bad. Erm. no one tried the Durian flavored one. Still..Half a Dozen FREE Donuts! XDDD Since 4 of us went there and got the free donuts, we had SIXTEEN to choose from! Now Drool I tell you!!! Shared 'em with Steven n Kiam. And A Jay did something bad... One thing about the whole waiting thing was....there was these 2-3 aunties that kept pushing from the back and if they happened to be behind one of us it was like they were molesting you. D: One of them, their hands were like on my butt. D: I clearly showed my annoyance, but they were those certain 'aunty' types. Absolutely horrible! >_>


Steven: "I shallz tellz j00 the way of the Donut."

"Ways to Eat your donuts" *licks*

Gaming Sessions at the VPs house ^_^

DESTRESSING!!!! ended up making my arms and back ache. (._.);;
It was really fun tho! Played Wii, XBox 360 and the Ps3!!!!

DMC4! The graphics left me breathless, it was so wonderful!!! *_* Arigatou-minna, especially Zero-san! Honto ni!

Not much pictures really, the rest is mostly pics of Gunpla...



Gary's Birthday

XD 21st April was Gary's birthday! He's a big boy now! Just turned 21, so a bunch of us got a present for him :3 He still hasn't opened it, so I won't spoil what's inside, though I'm quite certain he'll have guessed what it is by now. >.<

Erm...if you've watched a certain Youtube video, you'll know what this means.


We went to Sushi King for eats, partly because of his birthday and at the same time to enjoy the RM2 per plate promotion! :O We spent...erm...a lot. >_<
Edit: Oh wow, I typed this a heck long ago and didn't get round to posting it till now. Bunnie's birthday has come and gone on 1st May!!! Omedeto Tanjoubi Bunnie! Huhuhu, so chun it's almost like mine! >_<

Friday, April 18, 2008

Parody galore and on the Youtube spree

The song totally fit with the video used. Don't watch it though unless you don't mind getting spoiled for Toward the Terra. Nearly made me want to cry because it's very touching.

Then I found this and Lol'ed. Miku Hatsune and Jomy, Blue & Tony, nicely done.

and more...with Caramelldansen this time....

and MORE!!!! with Azumanga Daioh...

Ok, I'm only including this because....I like the 2nd song used. Who knows the song?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


today wasn't very good.

So apparently being slightly late in handing in an assignment means you automatically lose 10 marks out of 15 possible marks. I could blame my software; but at the same time I don't mind the fact that it was a late submission, but the judgement in the deduction is extremely questionable.

10 marks for being 10 minutes late. I'm starting to hate the number 10.

It's unfortunate that it's also lectured by the notorious Edith.

am I mistaken? I feel that she is wrong in the way she deducted marks.

the subject outline states:

"Where an assignment is submitted after the specified due time and date, the assignment mark will be penalised at the rate of 10% per day or part thereof. If late assignments are received after marked assignments have been returned, the late assignments will not be awarded any marks."

Her interpretation is that 10% equals to 10 of the total of 15 marks. So, if that were the case, if we were 10 days late, we would be penalised 100 marks then, meaning to say we would have already failed the subject at that moment in time.

Tell me that there isn't something wrong and fundamentally flawed with this logic.

she did tell us this morning when we enquired why we had an automatic fail and she said to read the subject outline and we have read the subject outline.

I have asked other students, lecturers and even the subject co-ordinator and it is a common understanding by them that deduction would be 10% out of a total of 100% for the total marks achievable for that assignment. This would and should be by right the correct interpretation. Her interpretation is very different and I would even go as far as to say as being wrong. And why would the subject outline state 'rate' as well then?

I assume she is purposely being nasty and extreme. It's not that she is a bad lecturer, in fact, she's good. Just that I think she is nasty when it comes to things like this.

In the first place, why should such questionable judgement arise?

Either the university is at fault, or everyone else in general is, or she is.

Either way, the coordinator is useless in such aspect; either he has poor argumentative and reasoning powers, is just lazy to argue right, or he's just a defenseless poor little babe in the face of Edith's wrath.

Tomorrow I shall be having a tute with her.

I do hope she won't bomb us.

Can anyone tell me whether they see logic in her interpretation or why she would do something in such a way?


it's 3.10am in the morning when I write this and I'm taking a break from doing my assignment.

lately, I feel odd. I don't know why.

Others are ahead of me and I'm still far behind.

I've been feeling very disinterested in life. Lately things seem to be very dull.

There is this loss of feeling in my senses. What I hear, feel, taste, smell, and see, doesn't please me as much as it used to.

Why is it? I find less joy in life nowadays.

I feel like I don't have any energy this semester. I've been feeling much less energetic than I should be by right.

At times I feel I am constantly hungering for something, something more, different.

I miss my old friends.

I miss those days where there seemed all the time in the world and life was so much more enjoyable than it is now.

Life seemed boundless; it lay in an expanse before me, rolling green fields with a great blue sky that didn't seem to end.

As a child, the world held great fascination, how wonderfully delightful.

Has the world grown horrible?

Or is it me?

I feel I have lost my purpose in life.

Or maybe it's just my out of step circadium rhythm.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

daily life notes 20.03.08

Yesterday was presentation for a case study by my group. We also totally forgot we were supposed to print out slides for the lecturer, Edith. No one in the group had any absec card including others in the class at that time so went down to library first, then talked about what to do. Luckily, spotted Johnson and asked whether he could lend us his absec card. but his kosong and his friend lent us his~yay! XD Thanks to Johnson for helping print out the papers, not used to printing at library, and to his friend for lending us his absec card to us!

During the presentation, as usual I was nervous, I always am... and I spoke nervously in the beginning, words shaky kinda, but I did take a deep breath at one point and I spoke less nervously. Later was another of my group member, Kathleen then later was bryan, mr.gorrilla.

We two girls ended nearly wanting to kick mr. gorilla, because he had 2 very simple questions to answer, and still presented his part rather quick and used "Lah~" .... not to mention the "paiseh" when he skipped a slide. -.- I suppose its good that everyone laughed...

anyways, everything turned out alright. Jessica peeked at the marks and saw our groups and it was good. ^-^ better than expected, so yay~ it's only 5% for the whole thing tho, but every mark counts. >3

Last night bunnie, lance, kiam & anwar came over to my house to watch appleseed. >_> sad to say I felt sleepy and I think a few of them also felt sleepy. was it the lighting? O_O too much like cinema or my sofas too comfy maybe. there was an old man sleeping in one of the chairs...>D *hint*muka cam orang tua*hint*

Bwahhhhhh then finished watching 'Toward the Terra' after that. Last 2 episodes! haha, finished the whole thing, was watching since afternoon. I think it's very nice though cheesy at some parts. But I generally liked the characters and the bad guy was pretty interesting cuz he carried out being a bad guy differently. ruthless! Character makeup was rather complex and some scenes were really touching. The ending wasn't too bad either. It wasn't awesome, or particularly extremely memorable. Then again who really likes endings. They more or less wrapped up the story in this one at least. A lot of the main characters have a depth to them, which in some animes isn't really there. The animation is pretty good and very standard throughout, no noticeable drop in animation quality for any episode, unlike naruto where for a number of episodes they can have really crap animations. Nor was there too much crappy flashbacks either. The best thing about this series? THE MUSIC. omg, the ending and opening songs had great music and includes opening song by Uverworld. There's more than just one opening and that was even better. having music videos all the op and ending songs would be great because the songs really accompanied the videos very well. Overall I give this series an 8/10. ^-^v Bunnie told me there's a movie so I'm gonna search for it.

....can't wait for Code Geass season 2.

Now to finish assignments and proceed significantly with some over the hols and weekend.

Tonight unfortunately can't really start too well with it, cuz gonna go for dinner with aunt and family. I like this aunt a lot and her kid's a pretty good kid, not spoilt or bratty. XD she knows karate, lol. I can talk with her quite well too so its cool too. :3

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Congratulations to incumbent Chong Chieng Jen of DAP for retaining the Bandar Kuching seat. Way to go 'budak nakal'! DAP has interesting speeches, I must say.

It's official.

BN has been denied 2/3s majority in Parliament.

Opposition Coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS has won 82 seats out of a total of 222 parliament seats, according to latest election results from the Election Commission.

5 states have gone over to the opposition, namely - Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and Perak.

+ + + + +

I guess the voter mindset in Sarawak is still way behind and far undeveloped. It shows from the sheer ignorance and apathy young adults, who by right should have registered years ago, have towards anything to do with politics.

They don't know, they don't vote, they don't care.

The worst is the not caring part in my opinion.

If BN can suffer its worst election defeat in history since 1969, what's to say that our votes don't matter and nothing will change? Change DID happen and it's high time we stop seeing 'pek mo's' disgusting mug published daily in the state controlled media we have in this country on the front page. Its' just sickening I tell you, having to see his mug on the front page nearly everyday. 26 years of him is more than enough.

His son is going into Politics now! The rich, corrupted asshole hasn't wormed enough money out of Sarawak, now he's intent on ass-raping us all on his way up the political ladder? And people in Sarawak are letting him do it! Can you imagine if we have a Taib Mahmud Dynasty and he becomes the next CM?

Pray say NO. See you in the State Elections!

Note: Sarawak only has Parliament elections. State elections are not held at the same time in Sarawak.

Read the stories on the elections here at:

Other links/mirror sites:

Video by PM on post-election results:

Thursday, March 6, 2008



Chinese New Year of the Earth Rat is here and won't be gone till the next. Sorry for the late greetings but Happy Chinese New Year or Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone who's celebrating!!!

Hope everyone has had a blast and gotten big angpaus! Me *sniffs* didn't get much, as usual, BUT!!! That is made up for by well, new stuff. XD

12 books!!!!! plus Gintama Vol. 1! In english!

And I gotz laptop now, yay! plus a cd bag full of anime! lazy to take pic tho lol. Also received other things like a bunch of roses plus sweets for Valentine's from an old acquaintance, a very nice bookmark, a Beanie Baby (It's really cute! Thanks to you-know-who-you-are! XD ) and even more chocs plus a pen from 3 colleagues! All chocs consumed! Thank you! Including the choc donuts! And many many other small little things like chia-ing me food, haha, or doing me a favor or even listening to me, making me laugh or cheer me up, thank you!!! Really appreciate how good you all are to me! XD

Everyone, thank you, you're all very sweet, kind and nice to me!!! Love ya lots!!! And thanks bro! (I mean, not literally everyone but you get my drift, lol) and my 'adopted bro' also! *winks to Australia*

Chinese New Year was great! Got to visit many ppls houses and play with their pets and nyam the food! Swatwolf had some of the best snacks while Bunnie was the best hostess! XD Thanks for the Shin Asuka gashapon, Steven! Even though we both don't like him, lol~ And Bunnie, thanks for the Hennessy cognac while at your house, finishing ur hot spicy snacks, and for the miniature candy cane and fortune cookie! Lol~ Sorry I was busy and couldn't visit more houses, sorry couldn't visit some of you and also for you to visit me. >_<>3

*goes to 'borrow' from Swatwolf* XD hehe! wanna try other consoles as well. 8D Finally! after all these YEARS and YEARS of a small cathode ray tube tv....we've updated! 42" no less!

Chinese new year started off on a nice note! Got invited to a clan association later from an uncle, and the neighborhood chap goh mei gathering was a blast! I wonder when they'll release a DVD of the pictures taken that night by a professional photographer.... Great fireworks, great food, so much! Great laksa too, haha, and drinks woo! XD made new friends with one of the neighbors and closer with another, went to have drinks at one of their houses later, just us 3 girls! woo~drinking wine n beer~ lol chased a wild stray cat outta her house too. O_O Which reminds me I have to return her Da Vinci Code book and DVD and yeah, the movie was and IS bad.

anyways, since it's late and I'll prolly continue or talk more some other time, ja! Busy now as the new semesters started, more on that later!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Longest Period of Time I Have Been Sick

I have been sick since the 22nd of January and continue to be so.

I first fell sick with a sore throat. By the end of that fateful Tuesday I was shivering and chattering with an imagined coldness and suffering from a fever. from there, I had a fever than lasted 3 days, subsided (TIPU me!) and came back in force on Thursday night right after I came back from the Spring Charity Fashion Show 2008 held on the 24th January. I had the beginnings of a terrible cough choke full of phlegm and colored a disgusting, sickly yellow and occasionally speckled with blood.

Yes, BLOOD!!! I mean, wth!!?!

So I'm coughing up gobs of these disgusting stuff the whole time from Wednesday when it got progressively worser and sounded like something was dying and wailing its death cries; till now.

Well it got better, not that the Sedilix-DM cough meds given by the doc helped. Dr. Yii is a very nice doctor and he charges reasonable prices but this time around what he gave didn't really help. well, the panadol and the antibiotics helped with the fever and everything which went away by the next monday, but the cough meds were almost useless. Finished rather fast too.

It has been almost two weeks and it has been rather debilitating in the fact that I've barely gotten any spring cleaning done and also the fact that I still haven't found time or the energy to properly shop for reasonably priced and decent shirts, a jeans and some shoes/sandals/or something for my feet. Or get a hair cut. I just sometimes have no mood, especially after getting back from work. That and NO transport. [T_T]

And that's such a terrible prospect in a way because I always worry what my mom will think or say about what I buy. It always is. I don't wanna be criticized until I never wear the clothes ever. Happens to quite a few things I buy. I buy them, she doesn't like them, she nags or criticizes, but I can't return them, I wear them a few times, then never wear them again.

So sometimes I have clothes/items that...rot basically.

Argh! Oh! also, I have yet to blog about the Fashion Show. I didn't take any pics as I was sick but I will blog about it...and maybe have pics and related stuff. Even though it's old news lo. Ahahaha....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Results: Semester 1/2007

Some of you probably know what results I got already. Today, I just went to get my result certificate after completing one of the surveys I didn't complete the other time. Well, all I got was a crappy looking piece of A4 paper with my results printed on it....not even nice Conqueror Paper!

It states my name, course, address and other details. And of course! my results:

HBM110 - The Marketing Concept ==>|| 12.5 || P || 33.38
HDMD101 - Design for Multimedia I =>|| 12.5 || HD || 50.00
HET113 - The Internet & WWW 1 ===>|| 12.5 || C || 37.50
HMB110 - Quantitative Analysis ====>|| 12.5 || D || 50.00

You know what this means? It means I got a Grade Point Average of 3.42! It's not as high as I want it to be... I expected an extra Distinction, but oh well. And the Pass grade for marketing was slightly surprising because I'd expected at least a C for that...I studied the longest for that subject. Thank goodness I passed it though because I know from the lecturer for that subject that loads of people failed it! I think nearly half or more! Grade were mostly Pass or NotPass... [._.] waffer! hope ur remark goes positively!

Surprising as well was the Credit grade for Internet which I expected to be a D...but then I messed up the paper because I didn't really study for it....a few hours only.... [@_@] ;; ahahahaha......*swt*

The Distinction for Quantitative Analysis was the most surprising as I know I'm not very good in Maths subjects really... they freak me out. I was real paranoid a bit about this subject. But I know I did study and do the revision questions and sample questions tho I left out the super duper hard revision questions at the end of the book we gotta study for the subject. Mostly self-study...but Ms. Lee Ming Ha was very helpful and explained any questions I couldn't answer, very well! She's very patient and attends well to you personally during tutorials if ya got any questions! [x_x]'' Gonna kinda miss the TI-83+ calculator though. It's a bit fun to use. XD

The High Distinction for Design and Multimedia I, was kind of nice..... because...well... I think I spent the most time on it? [@o@] going through all the tutorials learning so many things....Flash scared me the most. When I first opened the program and saw the interface for it... I wanted to faint! It's so scarrrryyy~ so many stuffs on it.... totally didn't know how to use... The tutorials were very helpful... [>_<] had to have a crash course in Flash and stayed bugged to the computer for hours on end looking at tutorial videos and learning how to use it, even during meals!

Lol~ I actually didn't like my second main assignment where we had to make this flash animation...cuz it was so messy and not detailed enough. The trees had jagged edges on the leaves!!! Amazingly the lecturer Michael Lee liked my assignment...even asked me go see him to discuss refining it after one of the presentations... *swt* ahahahaha.....

Most importantly though!!! I passed all my subjects and that my dears, is the happy mark for me!!! XDDDDDDD Since I did better than I expected overall, although getting a Pass grade is a bit dampening....and frightens me a bit to think I nearly might have failed....the results are good and, better than happy, it is now, happy happy marks!!! Yay~~~~!!!

Let's hope I don't fail anything next sem! [^-^];;;

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ketsuekigata / Blood Type Meanings + Character Profile

The following is a printed article from I don't know where, but I'm leaving it here. It's rather old, and is about the meanings of blood types:

You have probably notices that in character stats from Japanese anime, manga, and video games, that the blood type if included. this is because in Japan some people believe that blood type tells something about a person's character, much like astrology.

A Blood

People with A type blood have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. however, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative, and the most artistic of all blood types, most likely because of their sensitivity.

B blood

People with B blood are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialist in what they do. when they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions than others might. When they are doing something, all of their attention is focused on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow through to the end, even if it seems impossible. They tend to be less than cooperative, as they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people pay attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings, and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious.

AB Blood

AB type people are unique, and hard to categorize. They can have characteristics on two ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance they are both shy and outgoing. They easily switch from one opposite to another. AB people are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them. they don't mind doing favors or helping out, as long as its their own conditions. People with this blood type are interested in art, and metaphysics.

O Blood

O type people are outgoing, energetic and social. They are the most flexible of the blood types. They easily start up projects but often have trouble following through because they give up easily. They are flighty and not too dependable. O types always say what's on their mind, and how they feel. O types value the opinion of others, and like to be in the center of attention. Also, people with O blood are extremely self confident.

A is most compatible with A and AB.

B is most compatible with B and AB

AB is most compatible with AB, B, A and O.

O is most compatible with O and AB.


Character Profile

Birth Date:
Marks (Scars, tattoos, etc):
Most Prized Posession:
Fighting Style:
Positive Characteristics:
Negativ Characteristics:
History: (anything before start of story)

Another piece from my cleaning lately and another document in the bin. This came from my reading of some philosophy books. I actually vectorised this, haha. It's not an accurate copy of the handwritten copy, tho. the handwritten one was already pretty bad.


Friday, January 11, 2008

heartless and cold

EDIT: And if you think my mom wouldn't do such a thing on purpose, think again. She's the kind of person who would put a poor helpless little kitty which was abandoned by it's mom, out in the cold and alone. And if it died, it wouldn't faze her at all.

I've always known my mom was a cold heartless bitch but I didn't know how much until earlier this morning when I wake up to the sounds of my brother calling my handphone and banging on the door to my room.

it is now 3.42am when I write this. I still hope against all hope that they are still alive but logic tells me they're probably long dead.

I wake up from barely enough sleep, less than two hours in fact, and stumble down to the car porch to find what he found when he came back. A tumbled over box with its remains spilled on the ground. Dread hit my stomach and I started ranting and crying at the same time. I went around the neighborhood walking around looking here and there for them, maybe they escaped running, who knows, but I didn't find them. Zilch, nada.

My mom has always hated animals. she disliked them with a vengeance. We'd been keeping the hamsters in a larger container box as their initial box was too small and wasn't suited for hamsters. especially two. Their current one had the lid taken off. We'd always kept them in the house regardless and changed the bedding once it started to smell. And we'd already occasionally find them placed outside, but that was in a fully-enclosed box so nothing happened.

Apparently tonight, after 1 month plus of my helping my friend keep them in my care, she'd put them outside. And that is akin to PURE MURDER.

God, how inhuman and heartless can she be? Are human beings so capable of such pure heartlessness they'd let defenseless young innocent animals that took up so little breathing space in this world as to be negligent, to offer them to die horrifyingly by the jaws of some other more predatory animal? Animals, one of which was pregnant, and was given into your care?

You care for them, you feed them, you give them shelter and they provide you warmth in their pure innocence and to be taken so heartlessly and dying in such a terrifyingly horrible way...


If she didn't like them I could have just given them away or taken them away the next day. She could have just thrown a tantrum. But not like this. I'll never forgive her for this. I can't believe she could be so heartless. She knows its my friends', one of them at least, and still she did that. She's a monster. She's not a human. She's a monster in human skin. I hate her for this.

My dear hamsters, I'm sorry for this. I'm sorry I didn't already separate two of you; maybe one of you could have survived in one of the other cages. I'm sorry I didn't keep you in my room. I'm sorry, if you are dead already. I'm sorry if you are dead that you had to die so horribly. I'm sorry for the unborn young. I'm sorry you couldn't have died a peaceful death. I'm sorry that I'm going to have to explain how you died to my friend.

I'm so sorry, things couldn't have been different.

God rest their poor little souls.

It's cold, my sleep is disturbed, it's now 4:11 am, I have an interview less than 6 hours away, and my eyes are all puffy and red and swollen. I feel horrible, tired and empty.

POST: my brother, me and my dad are all angry and rather pissed at my mother for the death of such poor defenseless, harmless animals. Would you want to die horribly eaten alive and barely able to do anything about it? Think of Hannibal Lecter.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Old Files and papers

So in a rather vain attempt to clear all sorts of junk from my room, I started sorting out some old papers for throwing and for keeping.

I found some old stuff like poems and stuff. Well yeah I did write some poems during the odd moments here and there. I'm not much of a writer much less a poet or anything (though there was that thing from the thing...) but anyways, since I'm gonna be tossing the hardcopies, I'd thought I'd write them down here.

To my dearest friend,

You've always been my friend
And you'll always be a dear

You've given me so much

And yet asked so little

Ever since I saw you

My life was never the same

Ever since I knew you

My worth, I knew, was always less

Please forgive me of any wrong

May it be yours or mine
Please take my love

May it be forever

Our friendship

Our love

Our loyalty

Our happiness

May it never end

Rather sappy yea? I think it could have been a result of moving away from all my friends in Brunei. I used to read a whole lot of fanfiction, mainly Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. Some of the series would get me all teary after I read them and some of them were rather disturbing pieces. Dark fanfiction we'd call them where the end was usually a bad ending, very sad or such. Some were rather macabre. Like this one by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne: Hiroshi And Daisuke Are Dead.

It's good and you have to read it! ok, it's not really that good, but it's a rather fun read. I really like his Slayer's fanfiction though and it IS really one of the best Slayers fanfiction series out there. MTCFFUltra was good too. The Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Federation was one of the more interesting crossover pieces. It really was a MAJOR crossover series with some of the best fanfiction authors throwing in their two cents. It went up to Season Nine and was at episode 90 before it suddenly died. No one continued or ended it which I found rather sad. Even after all these years it's still there though and it was a good read. They even had an opening theme in the .ram format, lol!

Anyways, here's more poems:

I tried to see
To no avail
I tried to find
To no cause
Down the memory lane
I took a look
and saw those eyes staring at me
I screamed in terror
I ran in fear
'cause I saw a big black cat

This was written, I think around the time I read fanfiction concerning Ranma's nekophobia and Ranma went crazy. This next one, is possibly a poem from one of the fanfics, I'm not too sure. And I think I made up the name of who it was written by but I'm not sure because they do exist to be precise. Ah, failing memory. Some fanfics have a habit of including songs or poems in it, some of them can be called songfics.

I gambled in the graveyards
Went against the odds
With the saints and with the saviours
With the maggots and the gods
I cursed the things they showed me
I'd never see them again...
- The Pogues

The following two could perhaps be an effect from the Final Fantasy 7 game. I kind of used to be a Cloud/Tifa fan but then, I think it didn't matter later. There was this whole CloudxTifa and CloudxAerith fandom war going on around that time. Even a good friend of mine was into it, and boy some of them really had hissy fits of the whole thing. All the FF7 characters were pretty likeable in fact, they all made the game a success. Cait Sith! o(^-^)o

She smiled at me
Like the sun in its glory
Took a dip
Water of Gods & Goddesses
Poured it down my back
But she shook her head
And cried
I couldn't help but notice
That I was covered in water
Dark, black, dirty water


Brown strands of hair
Soft chestnuts, so soft
She prays and smiles at me
And I bask in all her glory
I lifted my hands
And entwined it with hers
She laughs
That soft trilling laugh
And it breaks my heart
To know it was just a dream
A fleeting dream

Anyways, I'm gonna post up another silly post later again. :/

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Colours and change

so I've been tinkering around with the colours for the blog, any comments or suggestions?

And true to form, I've made a new banner! hehe I like this one, it's so cute! Especially little sugar cube-san!

He's gonna be the mascot for my little bloggy! Like? XD

Any suggestions for names? I was thinking 'Kub3'. But I'd like to hear from you! The japanese word for cube is there already tho! XD

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Actually....I wanna get a new blog. no, serious! I don't like the name of this one. kinda bugs me. Musta been high on a fantasy book when I came up with the name.

Anyways, it's the Year 2008, greetings to everyone who hold goodwill towards me in their hearts. Anyone else can GTHO.

Happy 20th birthday to Ian today! although your present wasn't finished in time and it's silly, I'll present it to ya nevertheless as a belated present. And I came late for the lunch...although 2pm + isn't what I would call a lunch. Btw, do people consider blogs interesting only if they have pictures? I used to post a lot in an old journal only a few of my best friends knew about and it was mainly all text. ever since pictures came up...I feel less inclined to do so because uploading pictures somehow seems a hassle and I have a lot I'd like to upload actually.

Many things happened in the past year year, I don't know whether I should blog about it or will blog about it eventually, but I look forward to a better new year, hopefully. No resolutions but I only wish to be happy.

All the best in the new year everyone!

I'll see about the new blog.

EDIT: I changed the blog address already and the name too. :3