Saturday, February 2, 2008

Longest Period of Time I Have Been Sick

I have been sick since the 22nd of January and continue to be so.

I first fell sick with a sore throat. By the end of that fateful Tuesday I was shivering and chattering with an imagined coldness and suffering from a fever. from there, I had a fever than lasted 3 days, subsided (TIPU me!) and came back in force on Thursday night right after I came back from the Spring Charity Fashion Show 2008 held on the 24th January. I had the beginnings of a terrible cough choke full of phlegm and colored a disgusting, sickly yellow and occasionally speckled with blood.

Yes, BLOOD!!! I mean, wth!!?!

So I'm coughing up gobs of these disgusting stuff the whole time from Wednesday when it got progressively worser and sounded like something was dying and wailing its death cries; till now.

Well it got better, not that the Sedilix-DM cough meds given by the doc helped. Dr. Yii is a very nice doctor and he charges reasonable prices but this time around what he gave didn't really help. well, the panadol and the antibiotics helped with the fever and everything which went away by the next monday, but the cough meds were almost useless. Finished rather fast too.

It has been almost two weeks and it has been rather debilitating in the fact that I've barely gotten any spring cleaning done and also the fact that I still haven't found time or the energy to properly shop for reasonably priced and decent shirts, a jeans and some shoes/sandals/or something for my feet. Or get a hair cut. I just sometimes have no mood, especially after getting back from work. That and NO transport. [T_T]

And that's such a terrible prospect in a way because I always worry what my mom will think or say about what I buy. It always is. I don't wanna be criticized until I never wear the clothes ever. Happens to quite a few things I buy. I buy them, she doesn't like them, she nags or criticizes, but I can't return them, I wear them a few times, then never wear them again.

So sometimes I have clothes/items that...rot basically.

Argh! Oh! also, I have yet to blog about the Fashion Show. I didn't take any pics as I was sick but I will blog about it...and maybe have pics and related stuff. Even though it's old news lo. Ahahaha....