Thursday, March 20, 2008

daily life notes 20.03.08

Yesterday was presentation for a case study by my group. We also totally forgot we were supposed to print out slides for the lecturer, Edith. No one in the group had any absec card including others in the class at that time so went down to library first, then talked about what to do. Luckily, spotted Johnson and asked whether he could lend us his absec card. but his kosong and his friend lent us his~yay! XD Thanks to Johnson for helping print out the papers, not used to printing at library, and to his friend for lending us his absec card to us!

During the presentation, as usual I was nervous, I always am... and I spoke nervously in the beginning, words shaky kinda, but I did take a deep breath at one point and I spoke less nervously. Later was another of my group member, Kathleen then later was bryan, mr.gorrilla.

We two girls ended nearly wanting to kick mr. gorilla, because he had 2 very simple questions to answer, and still presented his part rather quick and used "Lah~" .... not to mention the "paiseh" when he skipped a slide. -.- I suppose its good that everyone laughed...

anyways, everything turned out alright. Jessica peeked at the marks and saw our groups and it was good. ^-^ better than expected, so yay~ it's only 5% for the whole thing tho, but every mark counts. >3

Last night bunnie, lance, kiam & anwar came over to my house to watch appleseed. >_> sad to say I felt sleepy and I think a few of them also felt sleepy. was it the lighting? O_O too much like cinema or my sofas too comfy maybe. there was an old man sleeping in one of the chairs...>D *hint*muka cam orang tua*hint*

Bwahhhhhh then finished watching 'Toward the Terra' after that. Last 2 episodes! haha, finished the whole thing, was watching since afternoon. I think it's very nice though cheesy at some parts. But I generally liked the characters and the bad guy was pretty interesting cuz he carried out being a bad guy differently. ruthless! Character makeup was rather complex and some scenes were really touching. The ending wasn't too bad either. It wasn't awesome, or particularly extremely memorable. Then again who really likes endings. They more or less wrapped up the story in this one at least. A lot of the main characters have a depth to them, which in some animes isn't really there. The animation is pretty good and very standard throughout, no noticeable drop in animation quality for any episode, unlike naruto where for a number of episodes they can have really crap animations. Nor was there too much crappy flashbacks either. The best thing about this series? THE MUSIC. omg, the ending and opening songs had great music and includes opening song by Uverworld. There's more than just one opening and that was even better. having music videos all the op and ending songs would be great because the songs really accompanied the videos very well. Overall I give this series an 8/10. ^-^v Bunnie told me there's a movie so I'm gonna search for it.

....can't wait for Code Geass season 2.

Now to finish assignments and proceed significantly with some over the hols and weekend.

Tonight unfortunately can't really start too well with it, cuz gonna go for dinner with aunt and family. I like this aunt a lot and her kid's a pretty good kid, not spoilt or bratty. XD she knows karate, lol. I can talk with her quite well too so its cool too. :3

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Congratulations to incumbent Chong Chieng Jen of DAP for retaining the Bandar Kuching seat. Way to go 'budak nakal'! DAP has interesting speeches, I must say.

It's official.

BN has been denied 2/3s majority in Parliament.

Opposition Coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS has won 82 seats out of a total of 222 parliament seats, according to latest election results from the Election Commission.

5 states have gone over to the opposition, namely - Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and Perak.

+ + + + +

I guess the voter mindset in Sarawak is still way behind and far undeveloped. It shows from the sheer ignorance and apathy young adults, who by right should have registered years ago, have towards anything to do with politics.

They don't know, they don't vote, they don't care.

The worst is the not caring part in my opinion.

If BN can suffer its worst election defeat in history since 1969, what's to say that our votes don't matter and nothing will change? Change DID happen and it's high time we stop seeing 'pek mo's' disgusting mug published daily in the state controlled media we have in this country on the front page. Its' just sickening I tell you, having to see his mug on the front page nearly everyday. 26 years of him is more than enough.

His son is going into Politics now! The rich, corrupted asshole hasn't wormed enough money out of Sarawak, now he's intent on ass-raping us all on his way up the political ladder? And people in Sarawak are letting him do it! Can you imagine if we have a Taib Mahmud Dynasty and he becomes the next CM?

Pray say NO. See you in the State Elections!

Note: Sarawak only has Parliament elections. State elections are not held at the same time in Sarawak.

Read the stories on the elections here at:

Other links/mirror sites:

Video by PM on post-election results:

Thursday, March 6, 2008



Chinese New Year of the Earth Rat is here and won't be gone till the next. Sorry for the late greetings but Happy Chinese New Year or Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone who's celebrating!!!

Hope everyone has had a blast and gotten big angpaus! Me *sniffs* didn't get much, as usual, BUT!!! That is made up for by well, new stuff. XD

12 books!!!!! plus Gintama Vol. 1! In english!

And I gotz laptop now, yay! plus a cd bag full of anime! lazy to take pic tho lol. Also received other things like a bunch of roses plus sweets for Valentine's from an old acquaintance, a very nice bookmark, a Beanie Baby (It's really cute! Thanks to you-know-who-you-are! XD ) and even more chocs plus a pen from 3 colleagues! All chocs consumed! Thank you! Including the choc donuts! And many many other small little things like chia-ing me food, haha, or doing me a favor or even listening to me, making me laugh or cheer me up, thank you!!! Really appreciate how good you all are to me! XD

Everyone, thank you, you're all very sweet, kind and nice to me!!! Love ya lots!!! And thanks bro! (I mean, not literally everyone but you get my drift, lol) and my 'adopted bro' also! *winks to Australia*

Chinese New Year was great! Got to visit many ppls houses and play with their pets and nyam the food! Swatwolf had some of the best snacks while Bunnie was the best hostess! XD Thanks for the Shin Asuka gashapon, Steven! Even though we both don't like him, lol~ And Bunnie, thanks for the Hennessy cognac while at your house, finishing ur hot spicy snacks, and for the miniature candy cane and fortune cookie! Lol~ Sorry I was busy and couldn't visit more houses, sorry couldn't visit some of you and also for you to visit me. >_<>3

*goes to 'borrow' from Swatwolf* XD hehe! wanna try other consoles as well. 8D Finally! after all these YEARS and YEARS of a small cathode ray tube tv....we've updated! 42" no less!

Chinese new year started off on a nice note! Got invited to a clan association later from an uncle, and the neighborhood chap goh mei gathering was a blast! I wonder when they'll release a DVD of the pictures taken that night by a professional photographer.... Great fireworks, great food, so much! Great laksa too, haha, and drinks woo! XD made new friends with one of the neighbors and closer with another, went to have drinks at one of their houses later, just us 3 girls! woo~drinking wine n beer~ lol chased a wild stray cat outta her house too. O_O Which reminds me I have to return her Da Vinci Code book and DVD and yeah, the movie was and IS bad.

anyways, since it's late and I'll prolly continue or talk more some other time, ja! Busy now as the new semesters started, more on that later!