Wednesday, August 29, 2007


(this practically headlines the whole thing)
This Post Will Be All About Kitties --- and how they have such cute mowshes, tocks, and snocks!

Anyways, it's about high time I get round to posting some pictures wouldn't you say?

And I'm sure Videl would just love this. We were both having so much fun at the time; weren't we Videl-chan~~ XD XD

During the Rainforest World Music Festival that we attended on the 3rd day, that is the 15th July 2007, (we were bored because we had arrived there at around 10am in the morning and we got back at 2pm) we found some of the moshe utterly cute kitties and their momma dozing around(when we found them!) at the back of the chinese house at the Cultural Village. And we spent the next coupla hour or so taking pics (and Vids!) of them. We dubbed the two kitties Naruto and Sasuke. *sniggers* couldn't help it, it was the colouring. :p

hm!? What's this!?

Not looking! Not Looking!

Looking... (love those paws) <3

(Prays for free food)

Less fiesty in the morning...

I need a manicure....


Momma cat:
"Whotcher looking at;
wanna piece of me, huh?!Huh!?

Momma cat: "Damn punks won't listen to me."

( cute!)
"Whotcher doin sitting at my spot!?"
"Nuffin, only me back feels cold."

Hm...I feel like eatin' human.

*chews on finger*

"Mayhaps a camera strap would do.
Is it leather?"

"I can't stand it anymore! I'm hungry!"

"Shaddup! I'm hungry too!"

(mouth full of fur)


"Have at thee~!@#!@$!!"

hehehe!!!! They were so cute! I'll upload the vid I have of them fighting sometime!

Note: All these images have been resized and if not cropped, had the dates cloned off. >3

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chapter 1.2.... - oh, forget it.

XP Meh, Forget it, I won't be continuing this chapter thingy. I'm not really much of a writer anyways.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chapter 1.1 - The Wrong Side of the Wealde

For once the old lady was right.

Turns out the old faeri system of coding their texts had confused the Dynezian wizards in charge of my hibernation so much, that instead of the waking up in the proper place and time, I'd woken up instead in an
ALTERNATE universe of the Wealde.

Now how would I know that? I just do.

So much for the Dynezian wizards' claims to accuracy in their spells. Well, at least in my case, it didn't.

Anyways, I'm stuck here until I can find a way to go to the proper universe and
BACK at the proper time. Damn these prophecies, couldn't they just wait?

+ + + + + + + + + +

Minor Update:

Will edit out the kinks and problems later. Thinking of changing the banner and layout at the top later on, once I make a new one. I think I'll draw a girl elf this time. Or Legolas. Dunno why, been thinking of doing colour portraits, just to try, of Legolas. Well, it's kind of preferable to say...drawing Brad Pitt. =_=

Been thinking A LOT of doing portraits. I mean, like real people. Not sure if i'm ready for it but I think I'm getting there, to that level. Want to do real nice drawings, like as if it's straight out from a fantasy novel or from the styles of the Old Masters from the age of the Renaissance.

reminder: resize book image; add in advertlets; add in a chatbox; create a side bar design; edit html(dig out old html printouts); create personal art site for paradox group.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chapter 1 - The Wrong Side of the Wealde

Sometimes, things don't just happen for nothing.

Sometimes, they just do.

The sun was bright in the sky when Ritchford came out of the forest. He looked around him in surprise for it wasn't what he had been expecting after several hundred years in hibernation. A bright patch of green caught his eye and he walked over to it, stopping to stare in amazement at the multitude of cabbage heads that stretched out faintly to the horizon.

A horrible noise sounded from the side and he turned his head to stare in amazement and faintly growing horror at the mechanical contraption that was passing into his vision.

Something was terribly wrong.

He wasn't in the place he was supposed to be -- the Wealde.
+ + + + + + + + + +

dayum! First post; got a bit bored, and threw some random writings in. Don't take me wrong, I don't write fiction, I'm much less a writer than an artist(and a rather mediocre one at that). I'm planning to get round to changing the image at the top, see what I can do about it first.

I'm not promising to update much really, Lord knows how many social networking sites I have joined and never signed in again in the past few years and the number of long abandoned journals or blogs I have been through.

And don't expect perfect grammer or such, I'm not the type to continuously edit and re-edit my posts and make grammar corrections just for the sake of looking proper. Just giving a head up.

and if I do swear, trust me, it's probably my emotions speaking. I get pretty emotional at times. But whatever I say, it's not necessarily my intention to hurt or insult or what I would really say in real life at times because one does try to keep a modicum of respect for another person if possible, at all times.