Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life in General.

Well so far I haven't totally messed up any of my other subjects. Yesterdays design website presentation went well, the lecturer approved almost immediately, yay~ >_<;;
I forgot to include the linked images and had to improvise elsewhere to show the example properly. I pray my hardest for the minor assignment in my marketing planning and hope for the best for the major and that I can finish way ahead of time. I am working my utmost best. There is an assignment due practically every week or some form of presentation, in the weeks ahead of me, which is making things tougher. One of my group members didn't show up for discussion today or the tutorial for the respective subject as well... ;_;
Apparently was still sleeping and we woke her up when we called. D:
The AUQA meeting the other day, which made me miss part of my design tute(which was ok since that was alright), was ok, yay, free lunch! Mainly it was the person asking a whole bunch of us sitting around a round table, and he asked us question, opinions and stuff like that one by one. >_<

Let us lOl with the menu. XD

Nerd to Mika: "I have the hots for you."
Mika: "O'rly? *giggles*"
Big Apple Donuts

Was one of the first 100 customers at Big Apple Donuts. :O Waited for around 2 hours! The donuts were disappointingly smaller than I expected. And only a few were good like Chocoholic and that cappucino-chocolate mix a few others weren't all too bad. Erm. no one tried the Durian flavored one. Still..Half a Dozen FREE Donuts! XDDD Since 4 of us went there and got the free donuts, we had SIXTEEN to choose from! Now Drool I tell you!!! Shared 'em with Steven n Kiam. And A Jay did something bad... One thing about the whole waiting thing was....there was these 2-3 aunties that kept pushing from the back and if they happened to be behind one of us it was like they were molesting you. D: One of them, their hands were like on my butt. D: I clearly showed my annoyance, but they were those certain 'aunty' types. Absolutely horrible! >_>


Steven: "I shallz tellz j00 the way of the Donut."

"Ways to Eat your donuts" *licks*

Gaming Sessions at the VPs house ^_^

DESTRESSING!!!! ended up making my arms and back ache. (._.);;
It was really fun tho! Played Wii, XBox 360 and the Ps3!!!!

DMC4! The graphics left me breathless, it was so wonderful!!! *_* Arigatou-minna, especially Zero-san! Honto ni!

Not much pictures really, the rest is mostly pics of Gunpla...



Gary's Birthday

XD 21st April was Gary's birthday! He's a big boy now! Just turned 21, so a bunch of us got a present for him :3 He still hasn't opened it, so I won't spoil what's inside, though I'm quite certain he'll have guessed what it is by now. >.<

Erm...if you've watched a certain Youtube video, you'll know what this means.


We went to Sushi King for eats, partly because of his birthday and at the same time to enjoy the RM2 per plate promotion! :O We spent...erm...a lot. >_<
Edit: Oh wow, I typed this a heck long ago and didn't get round to posting it till now. Bunnie's birthday has come and gone on 1st May!!! Omedeto Tanjoubi Bunnie! Huhuhu, so chun it's almost like mine! >_<

Friday, April 18, 2008

Parody galore and on the Youtube spree

The song totally fit with the video used. Don't watch it though unless you don't mind getting spoiled for Toward the Terra. Nearly made me want to cry because it's very touching.

Then I found this and Lol'ed. Miku Hatsune and Jomy, Blue & Tony, nicely done.

and more...with Caramelldansen this time....

and MORE!!!! with Azumanga Daioh...

Ok, I'm only including this because....I like the 2nd song used. Who knows the song?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


today wasn't very good.

So apparently being slightly late in handing in an assignment means you automatically lose 10 marks out of 15 possible marks. I could blame my software; but at the same time I don't mind the fact that it was a late submission, but the judgement in the deduction is extremely questionable.

10 marks for being 10 minutes late. I'm starting to hate the number 10.

It's unfortunate that it's also lectured by the notorious Edith.

am I mistaken? I feel that she is wrong in the way she deducted marks.

the subject outline states:

"Where an assignment is submitted after the specified due time and date, the assignment mark will be penalised at the rate of 10% per day or part thereof. If late assignments are received after marked assignments have been returned, the late assignments will not be awarded any marks."

Her interpretation is that 10% equals to 10 of the total of 15 marks. So, if that were the case, if we were 10 days late, we would be penalised 100 marks then, meaning to say we would have already failed the subject at that moment in time.

Tell me that there isn't something wrong and fundamentally flawed with this logic.

she did tell us this morning when we enquired why we had an automatic fail and she said to read the subject outline and we have read the subject outline.

I have asked other students, lecturers and even the subject co-ordinator and it is a common understanding by them that deduction would be 10% out of a total of 100% for the total marks achievable for that assignment. This would and should be by right the correct interpretation. Her interpretation is very different and I would even go as far as to say as being wrong. And why would the subject outline state 'rate' as well then?

I assume she is purposely being nasty and extreme. It's not that she is a bad lecturer, in fact, she's good. Just that I think she is nasty when it comes to things like this.

In the first place, why should such questionable judgement arise?

Either the university is at fault, or everyone else in general is, or she is.

Either way, the coordinator is useless in such aspect; either he has poor argumentative and reasoning powers, is just lazy to argue right, or he's just a defenseless poor little babe in the face of Edith's wrath.

Tomorrow I shall be having a tute with her.

I do hope she won't bomb us.

Can anyone tell me whether they see logic in her interpretation or why she would do something in such a way?


it's 3.10am in the morning when I write this and I'm taking a break from doing my assignment.

lately, I feel odd. I don't know why.

Others are ahead of me and I'm still far behind.

I've been feeling very disinterested in life. Lately things seem to be very dull.

There is this loss of feeling in my senses. What I hear, feel, taste, smell, and see, doesn't please me as much as it used to.

Why is it? I find less joy in life nowadays.

I feel like I don't have any energy this semester. I've been feeling much less energetic than I should be by right.

At times I feel I am constantly hungering for something, something more, different.

I miss my old friends.

I miss those days where there seemed all the time in the world and life was so much more enjoyable than it is now.

Life seemed boundless; it lay in an expanse before me, rolling green fields with a great blue sky that didn't seem to end.

As a child, the world held great fascination, how wonderfully delightful.

Has the world grown horrible?

Or is it me?

I feel I have lost my purpose in life.

Or maybe it's just my out of step circadium rhythm.