Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a dream last night. About killing vampires. How the leader of an organization that hunts and kills the vampires was a fake of the original, a vampire himself. A shapeshifter that took on the body of the head of the organization. Someone from another organisation discovered that fact and pointed it out at a meeting with other people in attendance. The fake was killed on the spot.

An imitation of an imitation.

This must be due to watching Hellsing Ultimate and 21st Century Boys.

Did I ever mention how much I just love Hellsing Ultimate? Great style, great animation, gore, action, good story, and best of all? There's always more in each episode. Though episode 4 was a bit of a slow thing, not as much gore. The appearance of young Walter was a surprise. I like Hellsing's occasionally interesting verbal responses. The voice is like... wow. I don't know but it's just fitting for him. Leather looks so good on him.

I'll post a review on Hellsing Ultimate sometime I guess. Wonderfully wonderful. Can't get enough of it. Salivating in anticipation of subbing for the 5th episode.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SSSC 2009

Winner is Alex's Team! Congrats!

Hoping they'll do a good job. >_<;;

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SSSC Election!

Vote for the gurlllllllllllzzzz!!!!!!!!

I'm supporting Edina! I think her team is overall having better capabilities~!

Go Edina! For more Info on the event, go to

Monday, November 3, 2008

OHOHOHOHOHO!!! Btw, Happy Halloween too.

Anyways, I was hacked, as quite a few of you know, either first hand, second hand or third hand. Or maybe some of you who read my blog and have nothing else better to do than talk about me, despite not even talking to me. O Yes. Some of you 'visitors' to my blog do that and you very well know who you are. Nevermind, it's a blog, you're free to read it, and I'm more than happy to not make it private either. ;D

Life is complicated enough really, and even if you want to cause problems, you don't matter because in the wheel of life, you're just a piecemeal part of it. Get over it, everyone dies anyways. I'd think back on things that happened in university like I did highschool and laugh about it, because if one thinks about it, quite a number of them are rather silly from current perspective.

I'm just going to treasure the people who mean the most to me and whom I mean the most to, keep the happy moments and memories and be happy I'm alive to enjoy those wonderful moments.

Can't please everyone anyways.

Like the hacker. Well, whoever it is, and I do suspect it could be a certain......'asshole' who does keylogging and other stuff, yes Mr. Wee I mean you. But then, I do hope he's not so childish to go as far as that, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Some people said that it's the price I pay for being famous or popular (their words not mine). Some have said it could be stalkers, which is a possibility because I did get a sms recently from I-have-no-idea-who, and also msn message as well from some guy who's so lame, to claim that "I look a bit like Andy Lau from the nose up."

I wish people can just spare me the mental torture when I hear or read something like that.

Andy Lau.


Oh lordy, why do I always come across or encounter all the weirdos?

Anyways, just posting this first. I wanted to update with a lot of stuff, like wow, so much really, but then a lot of other things happened, not the least being assignments. Having 3 group assignments can be a real pain. So many pictures too.

Actually, can be said that despite this incident, I can say a lot of good stuff happened in a way. ^_______^;;

I was offered to go to Melbourne for a holiday by close family friend, flight paid and stuff, but since I'm going KL end of this year, it'll probably be next year or something. But still wow!!! Was quite surprised with the call too!!! <3

Another friend of mine is chia-ing me and another friend to sushi buffet for helping in a video project~!! Originally was at Crowne Plaza but then said it's too much hassle, one has to book, it's only limited to 2 hours and it's more expensive, so we're eating elsewhere. :)

I feel very lucky sometimes, and my friends are so sweet really~~~ I even got in touch with an old friend,a princess??? I can't remember but she was a great sporting pal back in primary and she's part of the Brunei Royal family or something. She and I used to love racing each other and competing with the guys during P.E. In fact she was the one who got in touch with me, didn't recognize the name she was using, lol. ^_^;; I'm more surprised she remembered me so well after all that time, what least to say some others who've gotten in touch with me.

.-. I get the odd feeling at times that people are unintentionally getting me fat. >_<;;

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, had this around in drafts so finally decided to post it up. Tagged by Azie >.>;


This tag is specifically created to screw you up. When you are tagged, you must answer the tag and reply to what the question says, any illogical answers is not accepted and you cannot refuse to answer a reply with non specific answer i.e. "none" or "I don't know" or "cannot" or any other variations of them are not allowed.

Let's start!!!

1. If you would have to engage in sexual acts with a celebrity of the same sex, who would it be?

Jessica Alba! She is just so hawt I tell ya~ >3

2. If you were asked to strip naked then be covered in a certain material for a photoshoot, what will it be? (note: clothing or any other variations is not acceptable, however cloth is)

uhmm......never really thought about this before. Chocolate Pieces! Dark Chocolate preferably. :p

3. If you and your husband/wife/ life partner are bound up and are soon to be raped by a rapist, would you sacrifice your spouse? (note: only one can be saved)

Lulz, at least husband wouldn't get preggers. XD I'll provide counselling later, don't worry~ *ish evil*

4. Well, you are in New York city, ala Entourage or sex and the City, which would you pursue? Labels or Love? and why?

Uhm, I've never watched Sex and the City, but I'd go for Labels?

5. Name your favourite American Idol 7 finalist.

Seriously, I can't answer this because I don't have a favourite n mainly cuz I don't watch American Idol.

6. The Deserted Island question: Who would you bring?

Johnny Depp!! Cuz he's just cool and funny~

7. Name one crazy thing you have done.

I didn't do this on purpose. I ran into a wall and ended up with a split and bruised lip. D:
Dunno if it fits the category...

8. To make things a little easier, future honeymoon destination?

Hm.....Italy? The food would be wonderful at least. XD;

9. If you have superpowers, what would it be?

The ability to be young and invulnerable. Or have nice pretty feathery wings that actually allow me to fly.

10. You get drunk, have sex with someone and when you woke up, that someone is next to you, who is that someone?

Legolas. Not Orlando Bloom. But Legolas the Elf. XDDDDD

Or maybe Takeshi Kaneshiro? XD he's like, so hawt~ :3

11. Name a classmate that you seriously hate on your high school senior year.

I...actually don't have a classmate that I seriously hate. My classmates were really sweet in general~ XD

12. A position you would want to have in high school but can't achieve?

SUPREME OVERLORD!!!! Wuahahahaha!
Joking, being a prefect? I could have achieved that if I'd decided to be a teacher's pet.
I think, being able to be the smartest kid in school without having to really study my brains out (photographic memory~ plz). School's over for me anyways. :/

13. Name a classmate that you would want to join you in your current university as your classmate.

Pei-chan!!!!! or Tim-chan!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

14. Name a person you know you love but never truly appreciate.

My family... >.>

15. If given the chance to fully restore and revive someone from the dead, who would it be?

One of my dad's best buddies, a family friend who died in a car crash years back.

16. If your life were a game, what would it be?

A kickass heroine or main character than can hold her own. Maybe Lightning from Final Fantasy 13? I was kinda thinking of Kid from Chrono Cross tho. Why not put animation, instead of game!??

17. Do you support gay marriages?

Hoi, homosexuality occurs in nature and animals. If it occurs in humans, it's just natural la. If they wanna marry let them marry la, I'm not God to judge them. If they're happy, why not? Asides from that, what prevents them from being great, caring and loving citizens? Better than criminals who kill people. ;)

18. Do you prefer expensive, branded items or inferior, cheap items?

As long as it's good, but preferably branded. why? reliable and better quality. Not that I can really afford them tho. :/

19. If your life were a TV show, what would it be like?

Tv? What's TV? Lol, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I suppose would be interesting.

20. Last minute people for a project?

Anyone I know who's willing to be subjected to my evilness. :D


Won't be tagging anyone since I'm not into this tag stuff really. :D