Thursday, November 29, 2007

Part ONE: Mixed Random Images

Random images....Random Fun. :3



Kuching Food Fest was same as usual.
"lots of ppl, lots of food, no place to sit."
Oh, joy. But the first time I went there it was slightly raining which was nice as there were less people and finding a place to sit was much easier. It was also very cooling under that kind of weather. Ate Ma Lak Mien, taiyaki, takoyaki, taiwan sausage, drank pearl milk tea....XD it's good to go with friends cuz you get to try out lots of varieties!

Faerie lights

Faerie Japan?

Korean stall:
Red bean paste filled Taiyaki


Sarawak plaza has a convenience store at the basement floor. And it has quite a few important products that are sold at rather inflated prices. Most interestingly is their displays at the payment counter. Cigars anyone?

Wanna Hav-A-Tampa?
why does this sound just wrong?

I don't get this cigar container.
And WHY does it look SO wrong?!?
(and this doesn't even involve the background)


One day, I spotted....Hellesional. Man, the things people come up with nowadays is amazing. Radios to listen to while you're in hell, haha...

Wow, now National's going to Hell.


There's quite a large store at Hock Lee that sells stuffed toys and all those kind of things you might want to buy as a present and generally caters to the public at large. And they have some really cute things! cute!

look at those teeth~~
aw, poor things have to be bandaged...

no comment.


Westwood has some nice western style food at good prices. don't try their spaghettis though. Previous experiences has said they're not too good at it. Unless they've improved by now.

Fish & Chips at Westwood.
salad, yum!


I like going to the Sunday Market. I like the fresh cold sugarcane juice. What I like the most though are the pets! There's sometimes really interesting pets for sale such as hedgehogs and lately they've started selling so-called New Zealand bunnies! They have short ears and are so utterly cute, your teeth wants to grow too! One thing that totally spoils my mood everytime though is when I see this particular fellow. This guys is always selling turtle eggs and as far as I know, it's been going on for more than a year, perhaps even more! And people buy from him! It's disgusting! I've seen DBKU officers around but they don't seem to do anything about this guy. This guy should be arrested for illegal trade in protected species!!! GRRR.


someone, please, arrest this bugger.


First wine I ever bought on my ...oh wait, no it's not my first. but it's my first wine BOTTLE. ahah, forget it. anyways, I like Denise's bag, it's nice. The wine didn't turn out so nice though. Caesar said it's okay. well...It's 'okay' chilled, but it wasn't that great. I should have spent a bit more for a better wine perhaps.

Wines from Denise!


Serene's I only recognize the Xenosaga ones tho...

all in a row!

assembled and ready...

So Valkyrie-like.

The hair was hard to put on.

.....there shall be a part two...I predict a part 10. but we'll see. XD

Not Yet Dead...Enough.

I know I've been dead.
I know it's likely "who cares?" yes.
Neither do I really.
But since exams are over and I'm somewhat free...
and since a certain 'someone' *coughs*nerd*coughs* has been complaining on my dead blog....
lo and behold, this is here.
Well, really, what did you expect.

Will update...once I'm super bored or feel bored with...
oh look! so many books to read! oh look! my sketchbook! Yay~~~~
mweh. >2

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random interval: Quizzes. random fun.

....I'm uke-in training? D:

I like the picture though. very nice.

Discover if You are Seme or Uke!
Created by ChiisaiYume on

This is the result if Uke-in-Training! has the highest score.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
How tall are you?

...*swt* this is supposed to be for girls....I don't understand this. Nice picture though of yondaime.

What would you look like as an anime character?(Girls)
Created by AILIS on

You are lovable and fun, the life of the party! But sometimes this makes you seem like a bit of a womanizer..

Be careful!

They call you the average Joe. You don't like to stand out, but you're not clinging to the walls either. Men like you are level headed, and hard to find. Rejoice! You're truly a dying breed.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
You're going to prom, what do you do there?

Monday, September 17, 2007

B4 Swinburne, sams. + misc. pics

Yea Yea...I know I haven't updated in awhile. Like the new banner? nerd's fault really. rofl.

anyways, wanna clear up my photos so I can archive them(my archive is in a mess in any case.....if you can call it an archive that is.) Some are pictures from way back....really way back, before I went to Swinburne. note: they are taken with my phone's camera, so don't expect much of quality. I've tried resizing the pics but they're still large. Most images have been auto-levelled with some having contrast/brightness manually adjusted in photoshop. that's the most editing I usually do.

My old phone

The Halo in the Sky
(just the day after I got my new phone)

My ex-wife's cat: Tootsie
She's balding.

My ex-wife(guess which 1)
and friends from my old college

Meet up with some of my old friends from college at Tao

Mah brudder
Joking but yea, one of my 'koko'.
Great badminton player. Still had long hair then.

my old VHS fansub tapes and cassettes

old photography stuff and boxes from chemicals mixing days

Oh noes....look at the amount of wasted popcorn.....
btw, caramel popcorn = win. rofl.

me and a blackcat . LOL XD

I like this dog at Jalan Song. Hope to spot him again;
reminds me of Wolf's Rain.

collage of pics I took at green gallery. the first one is blurred a lot.
The shop is just SO quaint.

The rest will be posted as another post.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


(this practically headlines the whole thing)
This Post Will Be All About Kitties --- and how they have such cute mowshes, tocks, and snocks!

Anyways, it's about high time I get round to posting some pictures wouldn't you say?

And I'm sure Videl would just love this. We were both having so much fun at the time; weren't we Videl-chan~~ XD XD

During the Rainforest World Music Festival that we attended on the 3rd day, that is the 15th July 2007, (we were bored because we had arrived there at around 10am in the morning and we got back at 2pm) we found some of the moshe utterly cute kitties and their momma dozing around(when we found them!) at the back of the chinese house at the Cultural Village. And we spent the next coupla hour or so taking pics (and Vids!) of them. We dubbed the two kitties Naruto and Sasuke. *sniggers* couldn't help it, it was the colouring. :p

hm!? What's this!?

Not looking! Not Looking!

Looking... (love those paws) <3

(Prays for free food)

Less fiesty in the morning...

I need a manicure....


Momma cat:
"Whotcher looking at;
wanna piece of me, huh?!Huh!?

Momma cat: "Damn punks won't listen to me."

( cute!)
"Whotcher doin sitting at my spot!?"
"Nuffin, only me back feels cold."

Hm...I feel like eatin' human.

*chews on finger*

"Mayhaps a camera strap would do.
Is it leather?"

"I can't stand it anymore! I'm hungry!"

"Shaddup! I'm hungry too!"

(mouth full of fur)


"Have at thee~!@#!@$!!"

hehehe!!!! They were so cute! I'll upload the vid I have of them fighting sometime!

Note: All these images have been resized and if not cropped, had the dates cloned off. >3