Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a dream last night. About killing vampires. How the leader of an organization that hunts and kills the vampires was a fake of the original, a vampire himself. A shapeshifter that took on the body of the head of the organization. Someone from another organisation discovered that fact and pointed it out at a meeting with other people in attendance. The fake was killed on the spot.

An imitation of an imitation.

This must be due to watching Hellsing Ultimate and 21st Century Boys.

Did I ever mention how much I just love Hellsing Ultimate? Great style, great animation, gore, action, good story, and best of all? There's always more in each episode. Though episode 4 was a bit of a slow thing, not as much gore. The appearance of young Walter was a surprise. I like Hellsing's occasionally interesting verbal responses. The voice is like... wow. I don't know but it's just fitting for him. Leather looks so good on him.

I'll post a review on Hellsing Ultimate sometime I guess. Wonderfully wonderful. Can't get enough of it. Salivating in anticipation of subbing for the 5th episode.

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