Tuesday, April 8, 2008


it's 3.10am in the morning when I write this and I'm taking a break from doing my assignment.

lately, I feel odd. I don't know why.

Others are ahead of me and I'm still far behind.

I've been feeling very disinterested in life. Lately things seem to be very dull.

There is this loss of feeling in my senses. What I hear, feel, taste, smell, and see, doesn't please me as much as it used to.

Why is it? I find less joy in life nowadays.

I feel like I don't have any energy this semester. I've been feeling much less energetic than I should be by right.

At times I feel I am constantly hungering for something, something more, different.

I miss my old friends.

I miss those days where there seemed all the time in the world and life was so much more enjoyable than it is now.

Life seemed boundless; it lay in an expanse before me, rolling green fields with a great blue sky that didn't seem to end.

As a child, the world held great fascination, how wonderfully delightful.

Has the world grown horrible?

Or is it me?

I feel I have lost my purpose in life.

Or maybe it's just my out of step circadium rhythm.

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pui said...

go get enough sleep lar... u get urself too tired la...relax, relax~