Sunday, March 9, 2008


Congratulations to incumbent Chong Chieng Jen of DAP for retaining the Bandar Kuching seat. Way to go 'budak nakal'! DAP has interesting speeches, I must say.

It's official.

BN has been denied 2/3s majority in Parliament.

Opposition Coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS has won 82 seats out of a total of 222 parliament seats, according to latest election results from the Election Commission.

5 states have gone over to the opposition, namely - Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and Perak.

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I guess the voter mindset in Sarawak is still way behind and far undeveloped. It shows from the sheer ignorance and apathy young adults, who by right should have registered years ago, have towards anything to do with politics.

They don't know, they don't vote, they don't care.

The worst is the not caring part in my opinion.

If BN can suffer its worst election defeat in history since 1969, what's to say that our votes don't matter and nothing will change? Change DID happen and it's high time we stop seeing 'pek mo's' disgusting mug published daily in the state controlled media we have in this country on the front page. Its' just sickening I tell you, having to see his mug on the front page nearly everyday. 26 years of him is more than enough.

His son is going into Politics now! The rich, corrupted asshole hasn't wormed enough money out of Sarawak, now he's intent on ass-raping us all on his way up the political ladder? And people in Sarawak are letting him do it! Can you imagine if we have a Taib Mahmud Dynasty and he becomes the next CM?

Pray say NO. See you in the State Elections!

Note: Sarawak only has Parliament elections. State elections are not held at the same time in Sarawak.

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