Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was quite happy the other day.

I got my old desktop computer back after like what, FIVE MONTHS from a certain Mr. Wee Swee Hian, otherwise known as Mika^ or Kiam. Like wut, he said he asked whether he could keep it longer, like uhhh uhhhhhhh ok....
But seriously, for crying out loud, five months??? Were you thinking I'd forget it or something?

Well, he was miffed about my criticism of a poorly photoshopped camwhored picture of himself, which he posts to ask for comments, then later specifically states he doesn't want my opinion and doesn't want to listen to me, so I don't talk to him, after which, he starts acting like some righteous ass, and being an egoistic, arrogant bastard, because I wasn't talking to him and he like missed the attention or something-I-don't-know-wtf-it-is, so started playing so-called 'mind games' to 'test' my reactions. Yeah, like that's a control experiment. And yes, he actually said he did that to 'test my reactions and learn from them' and whatever other mind games he plays on friends. F*ck, you don't play mind games on friends, what the hell is wrong with you???

Anyways, so I just quit the sams channel, because he was hounding me and being a total asshole in there, when the whole camwhore incident occurred in a PRIVATE channel. And he even brought up the issue in the Swinburne Student Forum, aka, the SSSC FORUM. Seriously, WTF? Yeahhhh~~~~~ he loves to make public things that happen on a private chan and bring it to a public one. yea~ so he can start acting like some innocent(yea right!)~ And he was the one who says to keep whatever's said there private. *rolls eyes* You can keep your 'janaiyo' chan or whatever, and I'll keep mum about the things you said, but I ain't listening to anymore of your vitriol and whining to everyone about snowfish. I'm not defending her but like,

It's sickening just listening to you whine about her all the time and the lengths you goes to.

SO, you wanted to apologize to me, yea? Why didn't you do that BEFORE I actually just asked for my computer back with help through a 3rd person? (And he didn't even want to pass it to the friend, cuz he's got trust issues it seems) No, because obviously you're not a sincere person who really wants to apologize, because people who've actually apologized to me before when I was annoyed with them actually went and LOOKED for me on their own, or called me on their own initiative to apologize. Heck, even I've done that, so what does that say about you?

He saw me a few times, he could have come up to me and apologized and actually looked for me. But apparently he can't even do that. HE IS SUCH A BLOODY COWARD. AND he still was being a total asshole and acting all innocent 'hey i didn't do anything wrong', like hell you didn't. You want to apologize, be sincere about it and actually show you're sincere. You don't bloody give me that asshole attitude of yours. And don't pretend not to know what you did wrong, because you sure as heck do.

Really, he's become weirder and weirder, and different from when I first knew him as just 'tupai', I don't even want to see his friggin face. Maybe it's just his 'other side' coming out. Offline he may seem nice and is quiet, but online, he loves to talk crap and be an asshole, maybe cause he thinks he can get away with being an asshole online.

So if I never asked for my computer back and my book, you were like never going to return it to me? Mr.I-have-a-new-laptop didn't even want to return my computer when it's such a simple thing to do?

I have every right to ask that something that belongs to me, gets returned to me, regardless of whether we're friends or not. If it's proof you want to apologize and be friends with me again, you wouldn't have hesitated to return it, heck I would not even HAVE to ask for it, MULTIPLE TIMES. And when someone reminds you I want MY computer back, you go and continue being an asshole with "who was that?" when you obviously know WHO IS THAT, when I went to the trouble to ask for my belongings back POLITELY. APOLOGY MY ASS, YOU'RE JUST A COLD HEARTLESS MANIPULATING PARANOID BASTARD.

Supposedly you said I was like a sis to you. yeah right. and this is how you are? seriously dude, were you like the little kid that was bullied in the sandbox when you were young and your attitude now is an effect of that?

Well, sorry about this post and bad language, but I really must get this off my chest. aka, it's a rant. ^-^' Don't change your opinion of him, just cause of me. If you think he's an asshole that's your thoughts, that's something you form on your own. I just don't want anything to do with a person like this. If that's the way he wants to be, fine.

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