Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Old Files and papers

So in a rather vain attempt to clear all sorts of junk from my room, I started sorting out some old papers for throwing and for keeping.

I found some old stuff like poems and stuff. Well yeah I did write some poems during the odd moments here and there. I'm not much of a writer much less a poet or anything (though there was that thing from the thing...) but anyways, since I'm gonna be tossing the hardcopies, I'd thought I'd write them down here.

To my dearest friend,

You've always been my friend
And you'll always be a dear

You've given me so much

And yet asked so little

Ever since I saw you

My life was never the same

Ever since I knew you

My worth, I knew, was always less

Please forgive me of any wrong

May it be yours or mine
Please take my love

May it be forever

Our friendship

Our love

Our loyalty

Our happiness

May it never end

Rather sappy yea? I think it could have been a result of moving away from all my friends in Brunei. I used to read a whole lot of fanfiction, mainly Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. Some of the series would get me all teary after I read them and some of them were rather disturbing pieces. Dark fanfiction we'd call them where the end was usually a bad ending, very sad or such. Some were rather macabre. Like this one by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne: Hiroshi And Daisuke Are Dead.

It's good and you have to read it! ok, it's not really that good, but it's a rather fun read. I really like his Slayer's fanfiction though and it IS really one of the best Slayers fanfiction series out there. MTCFFUltra was good too. The Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Federation was one of the more interesting crossover pieces. It really was a MAJOR crossover series with some of the best fanfiction authors throwing in their two cents. It went up to Season Nine and was at episode 90 before it suddenly died. No one continued or ended it which I found rather sad. Even after all these years it's still there though and it was a good read. They even had an opening theme in the .ram format, lol!

Anyways, here's more poems:

I tried to see
To no avail
I tried to find
To no cause
Down the memory lane
I took a look
and saw those eyes staring at me
I screamed in terror
I ran in fear
'cause I saw a big black cat

This was written, I think around the time I read fanfiction concerning Ranma's nekophobia and Ranma went crazy. This next one, is possibly a poem from one of the fanfics, I'm not too sure. And I think I made up the name of who it was written by but I'm not sure because they do exist to be precise. Ah, failing memory. Some fanfics have a habit of including songs or poems in it, some of them can be called songfics.

I gambled in the graveyards
Went against the odds
With the saints and with the saviours
With the maggots and the gods
I cursed the things they showed me
I'd never see them again...
- The Pogues

The following two could perhaps be an effect from the Final Fantasy 7 game. I kind of used to be a Cloud/Tifa fan but then, I think it didn't matter later. There was this whole CloudxTifa and CloudxAerith fandom war going on around that time. Even a good friend of mine was into it, and boy some of them really had hissy fits of the whole thing. All the FF7 characters were pretty likeable in fact, they all made the game a success. Cait Sith! o(^-^)o

She smiled at me
Like the sun in its glory
Took a dip
Water of Gods & Goddesses
Poured it down my back
But she shook her head
And cried
I couldn't help but notice
That I was covered in water
Dark, black, dirty water


Brown strands of hair
Soft chestnuts, so soft
She prays and smiles at me
And I bask in all her glory
I lifted my hands
And entwined it with hers
She laughs
That soft trilling laugh
And it breaks my heart
To know it was just a dream
A fleeting dream

Anyways, I'm gonna post up another silly post later again. :/

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