Monday, January 21, 2008

Results: Semester 1/2007

Some of you probably know what results I got already. Today, I just went to get my result certificate after completing one of the surveys I didn't complete the other time. Well, all I got was a crappy looking piece of A4 paper with my results printed on it....not even nice Conqueror Paper!

It states my name, course, address and other details. And of course! my results:

HBM110 - The Marketing Concept ==>|| 12.5 || P || 33.38
HDMD101 - Design for Multimedia I =>|| 12.5 || HD || 50.00
HET113 - The Internet & WWW 1 ===>|| 12.5 || C || 37.50
HMB110 - Quantitative Analysis ====>|| 12.5 || D || 50.00

You know what this means? It means I got a Grade Point Average of 3.42! It's not as high as I want it to be... I expected an extra Distinction, but oh well. And the Pass grade for marketing was slightly surprising because I'd expected at least a C for that...I studied the longest for that subject. Thank goodness I passed it though because I know from the lecturer for that subject that loads of people failed it! I think nearly half or more! Grade were mostly Pass or NotPass... [._.] waffer! hope ur remark goes positively!

Surprising as well was the Credit grade for Internet which I expected to be a D...but then I messed up the paper because I didn't really study for it....a few hours only.... [@_@] ;; ahahahaha......*swt*

The Distinction for Quantitative Analysis was the most surprising as I know I'm not very good in Maths subjects really... they freak me out. I was real paranoid a bit about this subject. But I know I did study and do the revision questions and sample questions tho I left out the super duper hard revision questions at the end of the book we gotta study for the subject. Mostly self-study...but Ms. Lee Ming Ha was very helpful and explained any questions I couldn't answer, very well! She's very patient and attends well to you personally during tutorials if ya got any questions! [x_x]'' Gonna kinda miss the TI-83+ calculator though. It's a bit fun to use. XD

The High Distinction for Design and Multimedia I, was kind of nice..... because...well... I think I spent the most time on it? [@o@] going through all the tutorials learning so many things....Flash scared me the most. When I first opened the program and saw the interface for it... I wanted to faint! It's so scarrrryyy~ so many stuffs on it.... totally didn't know how to use... The tutorials were very helpful... [>_<] had to have a crash course in Flash and stayed bugged to the computer for hours on end looking at tutorial videos and learning how to use it, even during meals!

Lol~ I actually didn't like my second main assignment where we had to make this flash animation...cuz it was so messy and not detailed enough. The trees had jagged edges on the leaves!!! Amazingly the lecturer Michael Lee liked my assignment...even asked me go see him to discuss refining it after one of the presentations... *swt* ahahahaha.....

Most importantly though!!! I passed all my subjects and that my dears, is the happy mark for me!!! XDDDDDDD Since I did better than I expected overall, although getting a Pass grade is a bit dampening....and frightens me a bit to think I nearly might have failed....the results are good and, better than happy, it is now, happy happy marks!!! Yay~~~~!!!

Let's hope I don't fail anything next sem! [^-^];;;


nerdrazor said...

I smell extreme happiness.

SH Wee @ AK said...

that piece of paper must have been nice to hold...