Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Actually....I wanna get a new blog. no, serious! I don't like the name of this one. kinda bugs me. Musta been high on a fantasy book when I came up with the name.

Anyways, it's the Year 2008, greetings to everyone who hold goodwill towards me in their hearts. Anyone else can GTHO.

Happy 20th birthday to Ian today! although your present wasn't finished in time and it's silly, I'll present it to ya nevertheless as a belated present. And I came late for the lunch...although 2pm + isn't what I would call a lunch. Btw, do people consider blogs interesting only if they have pictures? I used to post a lot in an old journal only a few of my best friends knew about and it was mainly all text. ever since pictures came up...I feel less inclined to do so because uploading pictures somehow seems a hassle and I have a lot I'd like to upload actually.

Many things happened in the past year year, I don't know whether I should blog about it or will blog about it eventually, but I look forward to a better new year, hopefully. No resolutions but I only wish to be happy.

All the best in the new year everyone!

I'll see about the new blog.

EDIT: I changed the blog address already and the name too. :3


nerdrazor said...

Pure text is fine. Been reading waiterrant for nearly two years now, nothing but text.

SH Wee @ AK said...

ha... ha... harlow... onee-chan~