Monday, September 15, 2008

Art, Sports and Movies!

I finally got Corel Painter! So Lance, here's that drawing I did @ The Spring the other time. It's not complete as I haven't touched it asides from converting the .riff file format to .jpeg so I can show it to ya all! The other time during the exhibition the other day, some of you should know what I'm talking about, like I went to try out the WACOM Bamboo. Actually my intention was to go and check out the prices over there because a friend asked where where to buy it. That was the only place I know sold it, but apparently there's more at Tun Jugah, which is cheaper.

That was the only place I know sold it, but apparently there's more like at Tun Jugah, which is cheaper. But anyways at that time that was the only one I knew sold it and while waiting for my friend to come around, well I didn't need to wait, but I went to try it out, it was quite nice! Took me a short while getting used to the Corel Painter software and the different shortcut keys for Apple. My butt was practically glued to the seat there for a few hours!! Btw, you can order other WACOM stuff through switch if you're interested and don't mind their prices which is the pretty standard price. They sell WACOM Bamboo for RM399.

And the Multi Purpose Hall at Swinburne will finally be open for use by the students soon~ woot! Time to get back into shape!!! :) This is what I've been waiting for! Badminton FTW~

The Japanese Language Club had a Movie Night recently, it was quite a success! Lol, a lot of people were freaked out by the gore in The Machine Girl in the beginning but I think we all got immune to it later and laughed a lot throughout! It was rather entertaining! Too bad we had some technical difficulties in the beginning and couldn't show all of Zatoichi, so we'll prolly be having another Movie Night some time soon!:)

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