Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cute Adorable Mug!

Hi everyone!!!

I was introduced to this cute little site by Azie~

XD I wanna be lucky! not just feel lucky!

Anyways, Giselle Jaguenod is having a Second Giveaway for her cute and very adorable mugs with her own designs on them. ^_^ She has her own Deviantart Store as well. her designs really are cute! Everyone has a chance to win one of her mugs, to find out how, just go to her website here.

Below is my favourite mug! I wanted the first one shown in her page, since I love f, and it's sort of coffee related, but the owls' eyes are kinda creepy, lolz. XD this is cuter! anyways i do like tea as well :)

Mug~~~~~~ <3 <3 <3 ^-^ hope i'm lucky! XD


nerdrazor said...

Only the owl mug is coffee-themed? :/

SWING said...

:\ i guess.

"Qcloud" said...

Cute, cute haha, I like the word on it. No tea, no work. I'm a green tea fan.

bonnie said...

why "no tea", I think tea is healthy while coffee is not. No coffee, no work,haha.