Saturday, August 9, 2008

Things Happen, Life Goes On.

There are times in my life when I just feel so tired and sick of everything, of everyone, of the world.

This is one of those times.

I'd been happy lately. My results were fine, 1HD, D, C and a P. same as last semester. I didn't fail Marketing Planning and I thank dear Bunnie and Intel for their help and support, and also to videl who supported me during that trying time. Also thanks go to a few of my classmates like Fera, who was there for me to talk to even though I didn't even know her name at all when I first spoke to her, when I first got all teary-eyed, after the upsetting announcement over the 1st assignment. But I got through it. Thankfully. It's thanks to them I can look forward happily to my next semester.

A lot of things happened since I last posted. Like my birthday in May, my parents bought the usual cake, but I couldn't even eat it till 3 days later, and I only ate a bit, because I was stressing out over the 2nd assignment, the 1st being craptastically blown, assumedly. Some of the people from SAMs gave me 2 Keroro kits as my birthday present which was really sweet of them. It was even wrapped in bunny printed wrapping paper. I also got some wishes from old friends and my college friends. Bunnie gave me a teddy bear, it was in this nice box, I really liked it. It's gone to join my other stuffed toy bears, bunnies and doggy which many dear darling friends have given to me over the span of my life till now. I also kind of realise that our birthdays were like binary, one realises it when you look at the numbers for our birthday dates. I was too stressed that time but I spotted a pendant I thought she'd like and got it for her; which I thought wasn't enough so I drew her a birthday card with 10-year old Lambo and adult Lambo on it. Lambo~<3>

Just recently someone gave me a belated birthday present, a figurine of Mwu La Fraaga from Gundam Seed. O.o;; thanks!

Exams came and went, the results are up, after which well...heh. relax...

But I ended up taking the Elective Plus subject "Multimedia Applications" which was available for the winter sem so I'm taking classes everyday mon-friday until the 1st august, which is exam day. It's alright so far, got to know a few ppl, and one...who kind of scares me in a way. >.> Half of the class are students from the Australian campus.

There was a BBQ the other day, had some fun, and it was really nice sitting there on the ground BBQ-ing the food and eating it right off it. I love the marshmallows, Thanks lots to the host for the beer as well. XD

Went for some yamcha sessions, esp with Akiyame members. Yen is so cute! She's such a cute huggable chibi, like a big teddybear~ XD lots of fun, Eichi and Brennan being back and all that. Had badminton session the other day with AJ, Brennan and Gary, it was loads fun, though I felt a bit like a bully. >.> Brennan kept going "It's the Curse of Haruhi!" lol. Sorry if I was a bit of a bully guys, haha I did ask tho, and then I got all lazy, which is usually the case so I played like crap. :p

And then there was the Artjam! XD it was fun! Everyone had such nice and lovely art to show each other, and so far I have received 3 submissions, which is just wonderful really. I have been doing some catching up on y drawing as well....and drawing new stuff.... >.>;;; uh, i kind know how that goes so ahaha...too much to draw.

And Robert has been kind enough to lend me his Nintendo DS 'indefinitely' as he doesn't use it anymore really. I traded some mash in with him, I was a bit afraid it'd go bad anyways, since mostly only me and my dad was eating it...and....there's a lot. The problem mainly was the gravy, but anyways I thought it was a rather fair trade. The food poisoning incident I had over some bad gravy kinda also spoiled the idea of it in a way as well.

And! oh! the RWMF 2009! I didn't go this year, the ticket prices just keep getting more and more expensive. But, it was notable for me, because two of my t-shirt designs were selected and I received a RM400 cheque for it from Craft hub! a few friends told me they saw my pic and all that, lol, but it was cool. >.> I saw one of my Aussie classmates wearing one of the t-shirts.... lol, din tell him i designed it, kinda paiseh, ahaha... too bad they didn't give me the t-shirts and tickets to RWMF, but that's fine. I'm just happy I actually had my designs chosen.

A few days before that, I was spending some awesome quality time and having fun with my best friend and her Aussie boyfriend at Village House, oh, it's really such a nice place! The Rooms you stay at is really nice and the washroom/Toilet is so nicely designed, simple, and very clean. I really love the bathroom, I know, it's a weird thing to be talking about but I wish my bathroom was designed like that. The seaside air is really really nice and cooling. The beach that was nearby wasn't too good though. Daytime we were up and around biking, taking early swims, relaxing our asses off. And testing the waterproof Olympus camera on some lolis. Lol, which reminds me I need to send pictures to them. The swimming pool was also very nice, along with the Wifi availability, and wonderful cosy room with a great big plasma tv, bean bags(!!!), books...there was even a very nice chess set and scrabble board! Most nights we were on the net, watching tv or laptops, playing games, and playing scrabble, lol. And then there's the alcohol. My friend got kind of high on the Long Island Tea, which wasn't too bad there. Food and drink prices aren't cheap though, if you spend there. And there's not much for eats outside, so that was the major drawback. The food can be improved, because what was being paid for it didn't feel so worth it; quality varied was a hit and go thing. And it was also when....that I got addicted to Elite Beat Agents. ._.

It was rather fun and sometimes kind of frustrating in the beginning cuz I kept losing to the boyfriend and i kinda felt like kicking him many times, but heh I got better. >3 So yeah, that's also why I actually wanted to borrow a DS....just so I could play EBA and Ouendan. ._. now I'm somewhat addicted to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate. Level 58 now only tho... I also now have a bikini! XD but it's kinda cheap, so the quality isn't there. :x not like I go to the beach or swim much. >.>

Haha, lots of things happened really, I don't think I even talked about all of them yet. But that kinds sums quite a bit up.

And then there's that. I don't really want to talk about it, because it's not something I really want to talk about. It just makes me tired. I've always been a chatty person I guess, rather much an extroverted person. I guess it's part of my tomboy nature. It conflicts I suppose. I suppose I've gotten more skirts, or dresses and things like that, buying the occasional makeup things or whatever most normal girls put on their faces or body in an effort to make themselves look prettier. I still love tank tops, spaghetti straps and turtlenecks. Such freedom in the spaghetti, haha, I can't believe I just said that. I know I've gained weight, since I no longer do those ECA almost everyday like I did in my old school. I can't wait until the multi-purpose hall opens up.

Anyways, lots of stuff to do so ciao!


pui said...

uah, IF my life got ur 1/2 'times'...
satisfy already

kacwey said...

badminton.. the lee chong wei spirit...